Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 26, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
September 28, 1863

County Convention. - The Convention for appointing delegates to the Moundsville Convention met at the Court House on Saturday at 2 o'clock P. M. The districts both city and county were well represented and the Convention was exceedingly harmonious in its action.

On motion of Dan'l Peck, Esq., the Convention was organized by calling Joseph Waddle to the Chair, and appointing S. P. Hildreth Secretary.

On motion of Samuel Laughlin, a Committee on Credentials, consisting of one member from each district, was appointed, Messrs. Frazer, Boner, Hill, Brown, Jordan, Wilson, Bier and Handlen were appointed that committee.

On motion of S. P. Hildreth, a Committee on Basis of Representation was appointed, Messrs. Sisson, Boggs, North, Blanchard, Seybold, Peck, Hobbs and Tappan constituted that committee.

The Committee on Credentials reported after which the Committee on Representation reported that the basis of representation for each district in the Moundsville Convention should be one member for each hundred votes cast in such district, which apportionment would give to the 1st district 2 delegates; 2d dist. 2 do.; 3d dist. 2 do.; 4th dist. 3 do., 5th dist. 5 do.; 6th dist. 8 do.; 7th dist. 6 do., 8th 9 do.

The report of the committee was adopted.

On motion of Mr. Tappan, it was agreed that the members from each district should select the delegates to represent their respective sections in the Moundsville Convention.

The following gentlemen were appointed:

1st District. - John B. Maxwell, Thomas Stewart. Alternates, A. McConn, T. Y. Hervey.

2nd District. - Joseph Waddel, Levil Mills,. Alternates, R. Bonner, Joseph Hedges.

3rd District. - William North, M. T. Hill,. Alternates, J. McCullock, John Turpin.

4th District. - Joseph Vance, S. J. Boyd. Alternate, J. H. Blanchard.

5th District. - S. Laughlin, W. Berryhill, _ Bayha, W. Jordon, J. E. Wlson. Alternates, J. A. Armstrong, Godfrey Meyer, J. L. Stifel, R. Crawford, H. B. Armstrong.

6th District. - Daniel Peck, R. S. Erwin, Jos. Bodly, A. B. Caldwell, E. W. Paxton, _ C. Hupp, T. J. Blair, I. H. Williams, R. Crangle, J. F. Hopkins, John Bishop, Fred. Myers.

7th District. - A. W. Campbell, Thomas O'Brien, A. H. Britt, George Robison, Jacob E. Bier, John C. Claytor, D. D. McCoy, D. V. Tharp, Jos. Britt, John Gilchrist, John Reid, James Landor.

8th District. - James Wilson, Theodore Pratt, Augustus Handlin, Andrew Glass, S. Speidel, W. Montgomery, S. P. Hildrets, W. Hastings, W. Clohan, H. Wallace.

On motion it was resolved, That the delegates representing this county in the Moundsville Convention vote for no man as a candidate for Congress who will not pledge himself to an unconditional support to the Federal Government in its efforts to put down the rebellion.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1863

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