Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 26, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
October 2, 1863


The Union Convention for Hancock County, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the various offices to be voted for at the ensuing October election and for the choosing of delegates to the Moundsville Convention, assembled at the Court House, in pursuance of the call of the Executive Committee, on Saturday, September 26th, 1863. James Campbell was called to the chair and Daniel Donehoo chosen as secretary.

The object of the Convention being briefly state, a committee on credentials was then appointed consisting of one delegate from each township, as follow: -- John Crawford, J. O. Miller, David Pugh and J. W. Allison, and having retired for a short time on consultation reported the following delegates as duly elected and entitled to seats in the Conventions:

Butler Township. - J. H. Cochran, James Campbell and John C. Crawford.

Clay Township. - Wm. Teasdale, J. O. Miller, David Apple, E. Atkinson.

Poe Township. - D Donehoo, S. W. Wilson, D. Pugh, Jas. Stevenson.

Grant Township. - R. B. Brenneman, J Allison, Sr., J. W. Allison, B. Stewart.

The Convention then agreed upon a basis of representation of four votes to each township.

Maj. J. H. Cochran then presented the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted , viz:

"Resolved That the members of this Convention pledge themselves to vote for and use all honorable means to secure the election of the candidates for the several offices nominated by this and the Moundsville Conventions."

The following delegates were then chosen to represent this county in the Moundsville Convention:

Butler Township. - Maj. J. H. Cochran and John C. Crawford.

Clay Township. - Geo. Mc C. Porter, Esq. and B. J. Smith, Esq.

Poe Township. - Daniel Donehoo and David Pugh.

Grant Township. - Jonathan Allison and James Hewitt, Esq.

Said delegates were also ordered to meet such delegates of Brooke and Ohio counties as may have been chosen, and at such time and place as may be agreed upon, to nominate a candidate for State Senator for this district with instructions to cast the vote of this county for John H. Atkinson, Esq., for said office.

Convention then proceeded to nominate a candidate for the House of Delegates. - Col. Wm. L. Crawford and B. J. Smith being placed in nomination, the vote resulted as follows: For Col. Crawford 12 votes; for B. J. Smith, Esq., 4 votes. Thereupon on motion of Wm. Teasdale, the nomination of Col. Crawford was made unanimous.

Convention then proceeded to the nomination of County Assessor and Recorder, to fill the vacancy in said office of Recorder, which resulted in the unanimous choice of James Campbell (miller) for Assessor, and Dr. Wm. E. Allison for Recorder.

D. Donehoo then presented a resolution which was unanimously adopted, providing for the appointment of a County Executive Committee whose duties should be a general supervision of the canvasses preceding all elections in our county during the ensuing year, and to do all things deemed necessary by said committee to honorably promote the harmony, interests and victory of the unconditional Union party of our county and State. In pursuance of said resolution the following gentlemen were appointed said Executive Committee: Ephraim Atkinson, William Brown, James Morrow, sen., B. J. Smith, J. O. Miller, Sam'l W. Wilson, Alex. Morrow, Joseph W. Allison, Esq., and J. Allison, sen.

The following committee was then appointed to consider and report resolutions expressive of the sentiments of this Convention, to wit: E. A. Atkinson, R. B. Brenneman and Dan'l Donehoo. The following report by said committee was received and by the Convention unanimously adopted, to wit:

Resolved, 1. That the only true test of loyalty to the government of the United States; the Union, and the Constitution in the present struggle for the maintenance thereof against the bloody conspirators and traitors of the so-called Confederate States, consists in a firm, decided and strict adherence to all the measures, and policy of the present administration for the suppression of the rebellion.

2. That compromise with rebels is utterly antagonistic to the self respect and honor, of any great, enlightened and free people, therefore, we are opposed to any such compromise.

3. That loyal men every where should look with distrust upon any man or party who will not from this time henceforward uphold, and defend the honor, integrity, and best interest of the new State of West Virginia.

4. That our sympathies as they ever have been, ever will be with the noble soldier who has placed his life upon the altar of his country for its defense.

5. That the official acts of our present Senator, John H. Atkinson, and Delegate, Col. W. L. Crawford, meets with our cordial approval.

Ordered, That the proceedings of this, one of the most harmonious Conventions that ever assembled in Hancock county, by published in the Wellsburg Herald Wheeling Intelligencer and Wellsville Union.


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1863

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