Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 28, 1863

Wellsburg Herald
October 2, 1863


By the Governor.

Executive Department,
Wheeling, Sept. 28th, 1863.

To the People of West Virginia:

I have information, deemed reliable, that the rebel Generals Imboden, Jackson, and may be others, contemplate a movement of their forces through the mountains into the State for the purpose of devastating and laying waste the country and robbing, plundering and murdering the people. They may combine their forces, or they may send detachments into different parts of the State. To the end, therefore, that they may be met and driven back from the borders of the State and defeated in their wicked and ruinous purpose, I Arthur I. Boreman, Governor of the State of West Virginia, do issue this my proclamation, calling on the requiring all officers of the militia and all persons subject to military duty within the State to have their arms in order and be ready to assemble at their usual places of rendezvous at a moment's notice, and to move to any point when their services may be required. Officers in command of regiments are especially required to give orders to the commandants of companies to see that every man in their rescpetive [sic] companies is notified to be in readiness and to have his arms in order for service. If the militia in any part of the State have not sufficient arms they will be supplied by me on making proper application. Let it not be again said that a rebel army has marched through our loyal State laying waste the country and robbing and murdering the people without opposition or resistance. It is expected that the militia will cordially co-operate with the Government forces in our midst in repelling any demonstration the enemy may make.

A. I. Boreman.

By the Governor:
F. P. Pierpoint, Adj't Gen. W. Va.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1863

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