Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 23, 1863

Wheeling Daily Register
October 24, 1863

THE ELECTION yesterday passed off very quietly, so much that a stranger in our city, or even those who were not previously aware of it, on walking around the place, would not have dreamed it was election day. One intelligent man, to our knowledge, said he went to his precinct to vote, but seeing no one outside, concluded it must have been a mistake that Congressman and members of the Legislature were to be elected yesterday from this State. - The vote is small, but pretty much all one way. The following are all the returns we were able to obtain last evening:


For Congress - Blair 91; De Hass 7.
Senate - Atkinson 93.
House of Delegates - Lamb 94; Ross 80; Logan 75; Shriver 15; Weber 11.
Assessor - City, Day, 96. County, Maxwell 74, Bedillion 21.


For Congress - Blair 334; De Hass 17.
Senate - Atkinson 324.
House of Delegates - Lamb 340; Ross 260; Logan 202; Shriver 195; Weber 43.
Assessor - City, Cay 309. County, Maxwell 210; Bedilion 102.


For Congress - Blair 157.
Senate - Atkinson 161.
House of Delegates - Lamb 139; Ross 121; Logan 86, Shriver 36; Weber 71.
Assessor - City, Day 161; County; Maxwell 139; Bedillion 12.


For Congress -Blair 22.
Senate - Atkinson 25.
House of Delegates - Lamb 25; Ross 17; Logan 18; Shriver 11; Weber 4.
Assessor - City, Day, 24; County, Maxwell 16; Bedillion 8.

We shall probably be able to give our readers the official vote of this county and to hear from the whole district by tomorrow. There can be no doubt of the election of Blair to Congress, and it is quite likely that the members of the Legislature elect are Messrs. Lamb and Ross.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: October 1863

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