Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 1863

November 1

November 2
Two Wayne County men were released from the Atheneum by order of Governor Arthur Boreman.

November 3

November 4
Officers of the 4th West Virginia Cavalry met at regimental headquarters near Clarksburg.

November 5
General William W. Averell attacked a Confederate force at Mill Point in Pocahontas County.

November 6
The Battle of Droop Mountain was fought in Pocahontas County.

November 7
A bill to alter part of the division lines between Webster County and Randolph, Nicholas and Greenbrier counties was passed by the State Senate.

November 8
Lieutenant Knapp of the 6th West Virginia Infantry arrived in Wheeling from Clarksburg with two Confederate prisoners, deserters from the 20th Virginia.

A bill to compel the attendance of members of the Legislature was passed by the State Senate.

November 9
At the request of Governor Arthur Boreman, Jacob Hornbrook of Wheeling departed on a trip to visit West Virginia soldiers in the field.

A bill to regulate elections was passed by the State Senate.

November 10
Thirty Confederate prisoners arrived in Wheeling and were imprisoned in the Atheneum.

November 11
A resolution was introduced calling for a committee to inquire into the propriety of changing the name of the North Western Lunatic Asylum to the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane.

November 12
The state legislature passed a joint resolution concerning overdrafts by the State Auditor and Secretary of State.

November 13
George W. Caldwell was appointed commissioner to provide for the seizure of rebel property.

Five prisoners escaped from the Atheneum in Wheeling.

November 14
The Fourth Ward Union Club meeting was held at the Hose House in Wheeling.

A Union scouting party departed from Martinsburg.

November 15
A Union train of eighty wagons loaded with quartermaster's and commissary stores left New Creek for Petersburg and encamped near Burlington.

November 16
A skirmish was fought near Burlington in present-day Mineral County.

November 17
Nearly one hundred Confederate prisoners captured in Pocahontas County arrived in Wheeling and were confined in the Atheneum.

A meeting of Wheeling citizens was held at the courthouse to make provisions for the relief of soldiers' families.

November 18
Union forces that had engaged Confederates near Burlington returned to New Creek.

Officers of the 14th West Virginia met and passed resolutions relating to the death of Lieutenant George W. Hardman, who was killed in a skirmish two days earlier near Burlington.

November 19
A West Virginia delegation attended the dedication of the national cemetery at Gettysburg.

A soldiers' aid meeeting was held by the citizens of the 5th and 6th Wards at the American Hall in Wheeling.

November 20

November 21
A meeting of Union citizens was held at the Ohio County Courthouse in Wheeling for the purpose of providing assistance to destitute families of soldiers in the field.

November 22

November 23
A bill to incorporate the Sandy Valley Coal Railway Company was passed by the State Senate.

November 24
A committee to raise funds for soldiers' relief met at the Custom House in Wheeling.

A joint resolution setting December 3 as the date for final adjournment of the legislature was passed by the State Senate.

November 25
In the State Senate, a petition from the 12th West Virginia Infantry calling for passage of an act prohibiting the manufacturing and sale of intoxicating liquors was referred to a special committee.

November 26
Thanksgiving Day was celebrated.

November 27
A bill relating to the Board of Directors for the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane was read a second time in the State Senate.

November 28
Secretary of War Edwin Stanton passed through the Marshall County community of Benwood on his way to Washington, D. C.

November 29
Five Union surgeons, who were captured at the Battle of Chickamauga and confined at Libby Prison in Richmond, arrived in Wheeling on the B & O Railroad.

November 30
The State Senate passed a bill relating to the collection of taxes.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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