Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 8, 1863

Journal of the Senate

TUESDAY, November 8, 1863.

Journal read and approved.

A message from the House of Delegates by the Clerk, announced that the House had adopted the report of the joint Committee on Claims, and the report of the Conference Committee on House Bill No. 80, "A Bill to dispense with the indexes to the Journals of the Senate and House of Delegates, and with the sketch of the sketch of the acts and resolutions heretofore required by law;" and that it had passed and asked concurrence of House Bill No. 98, "A Bill to provide for the assessment of taxes," which was read the first time.

On motion of Mr. Bunker, Mr. Bowen was granted leave of absence.

Mr. Phelps, (Mr. Farnsworth in the chair,) offered the following resolution, which was laid on the table:

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia, That it proceed on the 26th day of the present month to select a place for the permanent capital of this State, and that in said selection it shall be governed by the same regulations that ruled in the selection of United State Senators.

On motion of Mr. Maxwell, his resolution proposing an adjournment sine die on the 10th of this month, was taken up.

Mr. Stevenson moved to amend the same by striking out the words "tenth of November next," and inserting "eighteenth day of this month." But pending this motion,

On motion of Mr. Atkinson, the resolution was tabled.

House Bill No. 122, "A Bill to authorize the recovery of damages where death is caused by the wrongful act or default of another," and

House Bill No. 123, "A Bill declaring certain combinations unlawful," were each read the second time, and referred to the Committee on Courts of Justice and General Laws.

House Bill No. 125, "A Bill to extend the corporate limits of the city of Parkersburg," was read the second time and referred to the Committee on Townships, &c.

Senate Bill No. 39, "A Bill to compel the attendance of members of the Legislature," was read the third time and passed with its title:

YEAS - Messrs. Phelps (President), Atkinson, Bechtol, Brown, Bunker, Carskadon, Farnsworth, Hawkins, Haymond, Maxwell, Rollyson, Slack and Young - 14.

NAYS - None.

Senate Bill No. 40, "A Bill fixing the limits for allowances to county officers," was read for amendment.

Mr. Bunker moved to amend the 7th line by striking out "one," and inserting "two," but the motion was rejected.

Mr. Stevenson moved to amend the 11thline by striking out "one" and inserting "three."

Mr. Farnsworth moved to amend the amendment by inserting "two" instead of "three," which was agreed to; and the amendment as amended, was adopted.

Mr. Farnsworth moved to amend the 11th line by striking out "fifty" and inserting sixty," but the motion was lost.

The bill was then ordered to engrossment.

And on motion of Mr. Rollyson, the Senate adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1863

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