Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 12, 1863

Acts of the Legislature


(No. 30.) Joint Resolution concerning the Auditor and Secretary of the State.

WHEREAS, it appears by recent report of the committee on executive offices, that the auditor and secretary of the state had, on the first and second days of this month, over-drawn from the treasury, the former the sum of four hundred and fifty-four dollars, and the latter the sum of three hundred and ninety-three dollars and twenty-eight cents, alleging such over-drafts to be due to them respectively, for their salaries from the fourth day of March to the twentieth day of June last, the latter being the day on which the State was inaugurated and the constitution thereof first came into operation:

And WHEREAS, the legislature, by a joint resolution, which finally passed on the fourteenth day of October, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, have formally declared, the "the terms of all officers, legislative, executive and judicial, elected on the twenty-eight day of May last, began on the twentieth day of June following, and not previously," and that "no such officer is, or was at any time, entitled to salary or compensation for any time preceding the twentieth day of June in the present year;" therefore

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia,

1. Any officer who has drawn from the treasury of the State, or in any way received, compensation as such officer for any time previous to the twentieth day of June last, is hereby required, within ten days from the passage of this resolution, to refund the same to the governor, to be by him deposited in the treasury to the credit of proper appropriation.

2. No officer failing to comply with the requisition of the foregoing resolution, shall be entitled to draw or receive from the treasury for his own use, any sum of money whatever, whether on account of his salary, or as compensation for his official services, until the money improperly drawn from the treasury by him as aforesaid, is made good.

Adopted, November 12, 1863.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1863

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