Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 10, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
December 11, 1863

Soldiers' Relief Meeting. - Only a few persons assembled at the Court House last evening. The meeting was not organized. The receiver of the funds for the relief of the families of soldiers, Mr. J. W. Paxton, was present and exhibited the following statement as to the amount of money paid in:

First Ward.
Wm. Holliday $59.20

Second Ward.
J. L. Stifel $175.50

Third Ward.
Jno. Donlon $1,308.30
Wm. Simpson $55.00

Fourth Ward.
Jno. Reid $106.04
H. Hall $46.50

Fifth Ward.
R. J. Smyth $588.80
R. Pratt $50.00
H. Hibbard $52.00
German M. Church $12.05

Sixth Ward.
T. Gorrell $150.00
Jas. Wilson $40.00

Seventh Ward.
E. W. Paxton $121.00

In all $2,764.99.

Several persons stated that comparatively large sums had been subscribed which had not as yet been paid in. Mr. Holliday from the first ward stated a citizen of that ward had just given him a check for $250. It was stated that an estimate had been made that it would require about six hundred dollars per week to supply the needy families with the necessaries of life, to say nothing of clothing, of which many children stood badly in need.

It was understood that there would be a meeting on Monday evening next.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1863

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