Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 13, 1863

Official Records
Series I, Volume 29, pp. 977-78.

DECEMBER 13, 1863. - Affair at Hurricane Bridge, W. Va.

Report of Lieut. Col. James M. Comly, Twenty-third Ohio Infantry.

CHARLESTON, W. VA., December 15, 1863. (Received 9.10 p. m.)

GENERAL: Kelley's dispatch just received. The information of the approach of the enemy came from Camp Piatt, Gallipolis, and Barboursville simultaneously. I had no force with which to make any attempt to cut them off. Two gunboats were extemporized - one here, to patrol down the river, and one at Gallipolis, to patrol up. One small party succeeded in crossing during the night, and cut the wire near Red House. No other damage has been done. The lines are now up.

The enemy attacked a small force at Hurricane Bridge Sunday (13th) afternoon. That night our forces escaped, with 2 missing. The enemy left, probably, at about the same time in great haste, going toward Barboursville, taking nothing with them. It is doubtful whether they discovered that our force had left. Our force was only half a company, under Captain Young, of the Eleventh [West] Virginia Infantry. The enemy's force was about 300. The Thirteenth [West] Virginia is at Barboursville, not under my command. They may intercept the enemy's retreat. It cannot be done from here. have no telegraphic communication with Barboursville. Colonel Brown is in command there. Boats will commence running again to-morrow, accompanied by sufficient guards.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding

Brigadier-General CULLUM
Chief of Staff.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1863

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