Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 19, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
December 24, 1863

Meeting in Harrison County.

Harrison County W. Va.,
Dec. 19, 1863.

At a regular meeting of the loyal citizens of Grant Township, called on Duck Creek, Harrison county, West Virginia, the following preamble and resolutions were passed:

Whereas, There is now in our midst an unprovoked and unholy rebellion against the great and good government of our country, originating in wicked motives, and supported by unscrupulous means; and

Whereas, That section of our country, formerly known as the State of Virginia, but now known as the State of West Virginia, was, by a labored act of hard earned infamy transferred to the so called Southern Confederacy, but has since been wrested by the indomitable energy and perseverance of our loyal representatives from the control of rebel demagogueism, a new State having been formed; and whereas, our State Legislature recently passed a law prescribing the oath of office for said State, which oath was evidently intended to exclude from participation in the judicial and executive departments of our State all persons guilty of disloyalty; and whereas, there is in our township a majority of persons known to have been in complicity with the rebellion and opposers of the New State arrangement, some whom claim eligibility to office in the same State, notwithstanding the stringent oath required to be taken; and whereas, at an election held on the 17th day of this present month for the purpose of electing township officers, the rebels did, by a deliberate and concentrated effort, overrule the loyal citizens, and elected to fill said offices persons of their own party and of known disloyalty; Therefore, be it

Resolved, That we will not submit to the domination of men whose hearts are dark with treason, and whose hands are indirectly stained with the blood of our countrymen, and who now propose to add to other crimes that of perjury; moreover, we will prosecute for perjury every person installed into office, in our township, who cannot establish a good character for loyalty.

Resolved, further, That a copy of this preamble and resolutions be sent to the Editors of the Wheeling Intelligencer, with a request to publish, and that not less than three copies be posted in as many conspicuous places in our township.

Samuel Hurst, Chairman.
Walter Stalmuker, Secretary.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1863

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