Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 22, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
January 7, 1864

Meeting of the Board of Supervisors in Upshur County - Names of the Officer Elect under the Township System.

At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors for Upshur county, held at the Court House thereof on Tuesday, December 22d, 1863, the Board proceeded to examine the returns of the election held on the 10th day of December, 1863, for County and Township officers for the said county of Upshur, and upon the examination of the returns aforesaid, be it

Resolved, That the following officers were declared duly elected, to wit:

In Buckhannon Township.

Supervisor - Thomas J. Farnsworth.
Justices - Simon Rohrbough and Joseph D. Rapp.
Constables - Thaddeus S. Heavner and Jacob W. Lorentz.
Treasurer - Clark W. McNulty.
Clerk - Jackman Cooper.
Overseer of Poor - John J. Reger.
Inspectors of Elections - Jacob Rohrbough and William Sexton.

Warren Township.

Supervisor - Ormsby B. Loudin.
Justices - John N. Loudin and Jacob L. D. Brake.
Constables - David J. Brake and Job Ward.
Treasurer - Lewis Karickhoff.
Clerk - Henry Neff.
Overseer of Poor - Lafayette Hinkle.
Inspectors of Elections - Clement G. Norman and Andrew W. Gum.

Meade Township.

Supervisor - Cyrus R. Wickes.
Justice - Ashley Gould.
Constable - Edward J. Brown.
Treasurer - Benjamin Gould.
Clerk - Adolphus Brooks.
Overseer of Poor - Ebenezer Leonard.
Inspector of Elections - Theodore Morgan and Chesley K. Moore.

Washington Township.

Supervisor - Granville D. Marple.
Justice - Noah B. Wamsley.
Constable - Calvin L. Cutright.
Treasurer - John Beer.
Clerk - Samuel T. Westfall.
Overseer of Poor - Solomon Day.
Inspectors of Elections - Edmund D. Rollins and Jacob Snyder.

Union Township.

Supervisor - Lair Deen.
Justice - Valentine Hinkle.
Constable - Nimrod B. Foster.
Treasurer - Isaac N. Kesling.
Clerk - Anthony P. Fifer.
Overseer of Poor - William J. Dean.
Inspectors of Elections - John Kesling and John Wentz.

Banks Township.

Supervisor - Jared Armstrong.
Justice - Samuel Wilson.
Constable - Gideon H. Wilson.
Clerk - Charles S. Haynes.
Overseer of Poor - John Smith.
Inspectors of Elections - Robert Carty and John A. McDowell.
County Treasurer - Dr. Phillip F. Pinnell.

Teste: Thos. J. Farnsworth, Pres't.
Jackman Cooper, Cl'k.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1863

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