Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 2, 1864

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
January 8, 1864

THE TRAIN captured by the rebels the other day between New Creek and Petersburg was guarded by one hundred and fifty men?seventy-five from the 2d Maryland, fifty detailed from the 23d Illinois and 1st and 14th West Virginia, and about twenty-five from Captain Jarboe?s company, 10th West Virginia. The rebels rushed down from the hillside woods like an avalanche, and the escort fell back to an elevation and contested the possession of mules with what energy they could, but were finally compelled to yield to superior force, and a large proportion of them were doubtless captured. and are now on their way to Richmond. The 2d Marylanders were detained from each company of the regiment, and were under command of Lieutenants Pelton and Bickford. A part of them escaped and found their way through the mountains into camp. Lieut. Bickford came in safely. Lieut. Pelton is supposed to be amongst the captured.?One man of company H was killed.

After capturing the train the rebels marched upon the post at Williamsport, garrisoned by one company of the 23d Illinois; but the boys were awake, and retiring before the overwhelming numbers, sought the mountains, leaving many an empty saddle in the bottom. They flanked all the outposts of the enemy and arrived at New Creek a little the worse for a trip of thirty miles over the hills and through a blinding storm of wind and rain, but in good spirits.

The result of the rebel attack was the capture of a splendid transportation train and seventy-five men.

Richmond Daily Dispatch
January 7, 1864

Capture of Yankees in Hardy county.

We understand, through passengers by the Central train from Staunton last night, that a portion of our cavalry forces recently made a raid into Hardy county, which resulted in the capture of about two hundred and fifty Yankees, one hundred and fifty head of cattle, twenty to thirty wagon loaded of green slides, and some one hundred and seventy-five mules. We were unable to learn who commanded the expedition, or any further particulars than those above given.

Richmond Daily Dispatch
January 11, 1864

Affairs in the Valley : the capture of Yankees in Hardy County.

We mentioned several days ago the fact that a portion of our cavalry had made some important captures in Hardy county. Our forces who made these captures were under the command of Gens. Fitzhugh Lee and Rosser. The capture was effected some ten miles from Moorefield, on the road leading to Patterson's creek. On Sunday last they came up with a train of some forty wagons, which they succeeded in taking, with their teams, guards, &c. On the same night our forces surprised and captured some fifty Yankees who were quartered in a church in Hardy county.

It is said that about 2,000 Yankees were at Front Royal, Warren county, in the early part of last week, moving in the direction of Berryville, Clarke county. This is a movement of the enemy more probably with the design of meeting movements upon the part of our own forces. A portion of our troops in the Valley were recently as low down as Bunker Hill, Berkeley county, where they captured and brought off a few prisoners.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: January 1864

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