Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 23, 1864

Wheeling Daily Register
January 27, 1864

From Morgan County

At a Union meeting held at New Hope, Morgan County, West Va. On Saturday Jan. 23d, 1864 on motion of Dr. Jno F. Dill{,} Middleton Duckwall, Esq. was called to the chair and Wm. Waugh appointed Secretary of the meeting.

On motion of Dr. Jno. F. Dill.

Resolved, That we hail with joy the return of the 15th Virginia Regiment of Infantry to this county, knowing that the gentlemanly conduct of the officers and men and their true love of loyalty will tend to revive the drooping spirits of those loyal men in our midst who have been treated like foes by pretended friends of the government.

Resolved, That to the officers and men of the 116th Ohio Regiment stationed at Sleepy Creek, we tender our sincere thanks and trust that their sojourn here at Union soldiers will be ever linked with pleasing reminiscences.

On the motion of Samuel Thompson.

Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the relatives and friends of those brave sons of old Morgan, who have laid down their lives in defence {sic} of those dearest rights of freeman bequeathed us by revolutionary sires:in their bereavements, yet rejoice to know that their heroic deeds will cause grateful generations to ever reverence their memories.

Resolved, That however trying the ordeal we may be called to pass through we will ever stand firmly to our beloved and bleeding country and cling to the Constitution and Union as the mariner when shipwrecked out in the broad ocean clings to the last plank when the night and the tempest close around him.

On motion of George Spohr :

Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting are due and hereby tendered to our State Attorney for his address on this occasion.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting are signed by the President and Secretary thereof, and a copy be forwarded to the Wheeling Daily Register for publication.

On the motion of Townsend McBee :

Resolved, That our Senator and Delegate Hon. Aaron Bechtol and Hon. Joseph S. Wheat be requested to inquire into the Permit System, as enforced by revenue aids and ascertain why the loyal citizens of Morgan required to pay in addition to the assessments made by the Assistant Assessor, U.S. Internal Revenue, five per cent. to the revenue aids on their manufactured articles take to Hancock, across the Potomac, besides five per cent. on the goods there purchased or bartered for


WM. Waugh, Secretary.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: January 1864

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