Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 25, 1864

Journal of the Senate
January 25, 1864

MONDAY, January 25 1864

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Ball.

Journal read and approved.

A message from the House of Delegates, by the Clerk, announced the passage of and asked concurrence in the following :

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia, That the Auditor be authorized to employ an additional clerk, at a salary not exceeding one thousand dollars per annum.

Resolved, by the Legislature of West Virginia, That the Governor be authorized and requested to procure and present to Seventh West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, a suitable flag with the following inscription : Romney, October 26, 1861 ; Bloomery, February 13, 1862; Harrison's Landing, July 4, 1862; Antietam, September 17, 1862; Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862; Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863; Gettysburg, July 2 and 3, 1863; Bristow Station, October 14, 1863; and Locust Grove, November 27, 1863; and that the expense be defrayed out the money appropriated for the contingent expenses of the chief executive office.

And the following :

Senate Bill No. 1, "a Bill supplementary to the act to provide for the relief of the families of soldiers."

The said bill was read the first time.

On motion of Mr. Hubbard, the case being urgent and three-fourths of the members present consenting thereto, the rule was suspended for the purpose, and said bill read the second time, and referred to the Committee on the Finance and Claims.

Mr. Rollyson offered the following joint resolution, which was laid over :

Resolution by the Legislature of West Virginia : On behalf of the loyal people of the State, that our prompt acknowledgments and heartfelt thanks are hereby most gratefully tendered to Brig. Gen. W. W. Averill, and the officers and troops under his command, for their brilliant victory at Droop Mountain, in November last, and for their more recent and very hazardous but successful campaign through Roanoke and other counties of Virginia, the results of which have proved so damaging to the rebel cause.

Resolved, That the Governor of this State be, and is hereby requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the commanding officer of each regiment that was engaged in the battle of Droop Mountain, and those engaged in the campaign through Roanoke and other counties.

On motion of Mr. Young,

Resolved, That a special committee be appointed to draft a joint resolution or resolutions, endorsing the administration of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, recommending him to the suffrage of the people of our State, as well as to the people of the nation, thus continuing him in the presidential chair a second term.

The President appointed under this resolution, Messrs. Young, Brown, and Phelps.

On motion of Mr. Brown

Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs inquire and report as to the expediency of providing a mode by which all money advanced or subsistence or other thing furnished by this State or by any county or citizen thereof in aid of the suppression of the rebellion, or in procuring volunteers for the service of the United States, may be ascertained and audited, to the end that such expenditures may be reimbursed from the Federal Treasury.

The President announced that Mr. Farnsworth was absent at Washington on official business.

And on motion of Mr. Young, the Senate adjourned.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: January 1864

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