Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
March 1864

March 1
Two Confederate soldiers were brought to Wheeling to the Atheneum after being captured in Marion County.

March 2
Governor Boreman sent his confirmations for five brigadier generals for the state militia to the State Senate.

Captain Powell's Company of the 1st West Virginia Cavalry returned to Wheeling after their tour of duty in the Kanawha Valley.

March 3
House Bill Number 37 on emigration, introduced by Joseph H. Diss Debar, was passed by the legislature.

Colonel Daniel Johnson of the Fourteenth West Virginia Infantry and Captain Work of Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry skirmished with Confederate troops around Petersburg.

The Fifteenth New York Volunteer Cavalry destroyed the saltpeter works near Franklin.

A soldier by the name of Joseph Heckley was robbed of $40 while at the Monroe House in Wheeling.

March 4
Forty Confederate prisoners of war who were captured in the Kanawha Valley were brought to the Atheneum in Wheeling.

Captain Holmes' Battery of the 1st West Virginia Light Artillery returned to Wheeling.

March 5

March 6

March 7

March 8
Members of the Wyoming County Scouts skirmished with Confederates in the upper end of the county.

March 9

March 10
Major General Franz Sigel succeeded Brigadier General Benjamin F. Kelley in command of the Department of West Virginia.

Major Sullivan of the First New York Veteran Cavalry died in a skirmish at Kabletown outside of Charles Town.

March 11

March 12

March 13

March 14
Several soldiers in Wheeling were being "profane" towards several women on a steam boat in Wheeling.

The 7th West Virginia Cavalry and Captain Holmes's Battery of the 1st West Virginia Light Artillery were treated to dinner and speeches by Mayor Crangle and Governor Boreman in Wheeling.

March 15
General Benjamin Kelley was greeted in Wheeling.

March 16
Two Confederate hostages were released from the Atheneum in Wheeling in return of Putnam County Sheriff Shaw.

March 17

March 18

March 19
Legislators Aaron Bechtol and Joseph Wheat, and the prosecuting attorney of Morgan County, were captured and sent to prison in Richmond.

March 20
The Seventh West Virginia Infantry arrived in Wheeling.

March 21
Rawley Stewart of Monongalia County was killed in Barbour County during an espionage mission for the Confederate army.

A meeting of Monongalia County citizens was held in Morgantown to appoint delegates to the Parkersburg State Convention.

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 25

March 26
Captain Hagan's company of the 1st West Virginia Cavalry returned to Wheeling.

Two recently captured Confederate lieutenants were admitted to the Atheneum.

A meeting of Union citizens was held at Hessville, Marion County.

A soldiers' dinner was held in Moundsville.

March 27

March 28
The Fourth West Virginia Infantry received a dinner in Wheeling in honor of their service.

The members of Company C, 1st West Virginia Veteran Cavalry, presented a sabre, sash, and belt to Captain W. A. McCoy.

March 29

March 30

March 31
A private in the 1st West Virginia Infantry aided authorities in apprehending counterfeiters near Wellsburg, Brooke County.

A soldier in the 10th West Virginia Infantry wrote to the Wheeling Intelligencer requesting information about veterans' credits.

Undated Events, March 1864

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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