Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 1864

June 1

June 2
David Creigh, a citizen of Greenbrier County, was found guilty of murder by a Union military tribunal and sentenced to be hanged.

June 3
Two men were arrested in Cumberland, Maryland, and charged with stealing a horse from a New Creek citizen.

June 4
A company of the 11th West Virginia Infantry attacked Confederates about twelve miles from Weston.

A skirmish was fought at Panther Gap.

June 5
Rebel horse thieves stole the horses of persons attending worship at Hammond's Church near Grafton.

At a memorial meeting of the 4th Street M. E. Sunday School in Wheeling, members passed resolutions of respect commemorating class members who had been killed in the recent fighting in the Valley of Virginia.

A rumor spread through Morgantown that a Confederate force was approaching the town.

June 6
Four Marion County secessionists arrived in Wheeling and were sent to Atheneum Prison.

A skirmish was fought at Moorefield.

June 7
Three Confederate soldiers and eighteen citizens from Loudoun and Shenandoah counties were imprisoned at the Atheneum.

June 8
Nearly twenty Confederate soldiers and citizens arrived from Beverly and were confined in the Atheneum.

June 9

June 10
A skirmish was fought at Kabletown in Jefferson County.

June 11

June 12
Union troops under General David Hunter burned Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, and removed a statue of George Washington and transported it to Wheeling.

June 13
Capt. Alltop of the Marion County scouts delivered prisoners charged with robbery to the jail in Fairmont.

June 14

June 15

June 16
Captain Oscar Melvin of the 1st West Virginia Infantry arrived in Wheeling bearing a list of his regiment's casualties incurred in the Battle of Piedmont, and a Confederate flag captured in the clash.

June 17

June 18

June 19
Fighting occurred at Petersburg.

June 20
The Plummer Guards, originally part of the 2nd West Virginia Infantry, arrived in Wheeling.

Eleven prisoners from Barbour and Pocahontas counties arrived in Wheeling and were committed to the Atheneum.

June 21

June 22

June 23
Triadelphia women held a benefit dinner for the Christian Commission in Wheeling.

Skirmishes were fought at Cove Gap and Sweet Sulphur Springs.

June 24

June 25
McNeill's Rangers clashed with Union troops near Petersburg.

June 26
Skirmishes were fought at Springfield and Wire Bridge.

June 27

June 28
The Wheeling Sanitary Fair, a benefit event for sick and wounded soldiers, opened.

Confederate guerrilla George Dusky made application for bail from the Federal Court in Wheeling.

June 29
Skirmishes were fought at Charles Town and Duffield's Station.

June 30

Undated Events, June 1864

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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