Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 23, 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
June 28, 1864

All Honor to the Ladies of Triadelphia and Vicinity.

Editors Intelligencer:

The supper given by the ladies of Triadelphia and vicinity, on last Thursday evening for the benefit of the Christian Commission, was successful even beyond their anticipations. Although they had allotted themselves but a brief space of time for getting the affair up, yet so energetically had they applied themselves to the task, that every thing was in complete readiness at the appointed time. Their efforts were liberally responded to by a generous community, and provisions in abundance supplied. Over four hundred persons partook of the supper and a large amount of provisions was left which was divided among the families of soldiers resident in the neighborhood. In addition to the supper, refreshments were served out in a handsomely decorated room, the proceeds from which amounted to over a hundred dollars. In another apartment a post office was in successful operation, and flowers sold from tastily arranged tables, yielding nearly seventy dollars.

Altogether the affair was a complete success, and four hundred and twenty dollars, clear of expences was realized for the benefit of the Christian Commission.

This result was accomplished in a rural district of a few miles circuit, by the exertions and under the sole management of the ladies. Let similar efforts be made throughout the State in the country districts, and West Virginia will stand pre-eminent for the aid furnished our suffering soldiers, as she now stands for the excess of volunteers furnished for the war. Mammoth fairs in large cities yield immence amounts, but fail to draw thoroughly from country districts. The aggregate would be vastly increased if every neighborhood would go to work and do its proportionate share towards aiding these great Commissions.


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1864

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