Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 28, 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
June 8, 1864

The Wheeling Sanitary Fair.

The patriotic citizens of Wheeling, determined not to be behind other cities in the great work of furnishing means for the benefit of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, are making extensive preparations for holding a Fair to be opened on the 28th instant. Agents have been appointed in all the surrounding towns and villages, to whom all contributions should be made. Our friend J. J. Burns is the agent for this place. He will take charge of all money or articles intended as loans or for sale, and attend to forwarding them to the Fair. It is a work for the Christian, the patriot and the philanthropist. We can all do something. Who would not do everything in his power to alleviate the suffering of a wounded soldier on the field or in the hospital!

Everything bestowed on this Fair goes directly to aid the sick and wounded. Let Marion county, some of whose wounded soldiers have been benefitted by the contribution of other States and counties, reciprocate the favor by swelling the common fund for the relief of all.

We scarcely need appeal to our Union Ladies. Their fair hands are always ready and their patriotic hearts ever willing to labor for the relief of our suffering heroes. Anything in the way of useful and ornamental needlework, old relics, or anything curious or attractive will be thankfully received. - Fairmont National

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1864

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