Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 3, 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
July 4, 1864

Yesterday afternoon there were rumors on the street of an extensive descent on the Baltimore road at Martinsburg, and of course there was no little anxiety about it. So far we have very little reliable news as to the actual facts. We have before us private dispatches to Gov. Boreman and Mr. Ford, none of which throw much light on the subject. It would seem that a force of the enemy have appeared near the road and that they have probably taken possession of Martinsburg. We abandoned that place yesterday at 11 o'clock. Gen. Kelly intimates that the descending force is made up from the commands of Early, Imboden and Jackson, but what their number is or who commands them he does now know. There is no communication by telegraph over the east end of the road, the wires being cut.

Mr. Smith, Master of Transportation, telegraphs Mr. Ford here via: Pittsburg, that Harper's Ferry had not been attacked and that the rolling stock of the road has been so distributed as to secure it from danger. There was fighting yesterday at Leetown, near Martinsburg, at 4 p.m., but with what result is not known. Our force had fallen back to what point with loss. From Mr. Smith's dispatch we should suppose that the incursion is not a serious one. We hear it reported that our stores of grain and wagons at Martinsburg are very large. If this is so it is more than likely they have been burned or else fallen into the hands of the enemy. Gen. Kelley is sending the stores at New Creek this way. He seems to apprehend that the enemy, will detach a force to attack. Cumberland and New Creek. There were unauthentic reports last night that troops were being rapidly moved east from Parkersburg and points below. We presume that Gen. Hunter will be promptly ordered up from the Kanawha where he now is with his returned command.

Later. - Since the above we have regular dispatches confirmatory in the main of the private advices alluded to.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1864

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