Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 1864

September 1
Confederates attacked a Union force at Martinsburg, forcing them to retreat to Falling Waters.

One hundred and twenty soldiers enlisted in the Union army.

A dinner was held at the Grove near Moundsville for Marshall County soldiers.

September 2
Union troops re-occupied Martinsburg.

More than fifty Union soldiers enlisted at Wheeling.

September 3
Skirmishing continued at Bunker Hill.

September 4

September 5
In response to rumors, the Ohio County Militia was called out to defend Wheeling.

September 6
Congressional candidates spoke at a public meeting in Moundsville.

September 7
A grand ratification meeting was held at the Ohio County Courthouse in Wheeling.

Confederates captured Lt. Jonathan Hiser in Pendleton County.

September 8

September 9
The Ladies' Union Aid Society met in Wheeling.

Federal Court was held in Wheeling.

September 10
Taylor County School Superintendent Thomas C. McKinney addressed county citizens at the Rock Union schoolhouse.

September 11

September 12
Joseph H. Diss Debar, West Virginia's Commissioner of Immigration, wrote to the Wheeling Intelligencer concerning fundraising efforts for his office.

September 13
The officers of the 14th West Virginia Infantry met and passed resolutions of respect relating to the recents deaths of fellow officers.

Nearly two hundred soldiers of the 5th West Virginia Infantry arrived in Wheeling to be mustered out of service.

Six Confederate guerrillas, captured in Ritchie County, arrived in Wheeling and were confined in the Atheneum.

September 14
A joint meeting of Centre and Webster townships was held at American Hall in Wheeling to select delegates to the Ohio County convention.

September 15
Confederate guerrillas under "Rebel" Bill Smith raided Ceredo, capturing nine members of the West Virginia State Guard and a number of citizens.

September 16

September 17
A political meeting was held at the Union Campaign Club in Wheeling.

A pole raising was held in Moundsville.

September 18

September 19
Captain Ewald Over, military commander in Wheeling, issued an order forbidding soldiers to be absent from their camps and quarters after dark.

The draft commenced in the 1st District of West Virginia.

September 20

September 21
A Union citizen of Jackson County was murdered by Confederate guerrillas near Ravenswood.

September 22
A Confederate force under Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Witcher launched a raid from Lewisburg.

September 23
The draft concluded with the drawing of Calhoun and Gilmer counties.

September 24
Governor Arthur I. Boreman spoke at a meeting of the Central Union Club in Wheeling.

September 25
Confederate troops captured Bulltown.

September 26
Confederate troops captured Weston and seized more than $5,000 from the Exchange Bank.

September 27
Union and Confederate troops clashed at Buckhannon.

September 28
Confederate troops under Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Witcher captured Buckhannon.

September 29

September 30
Union General Robert H. Milroy was serenaded at the McLure House in Wheeling.

Confederate troops attacked a Union post at Coalsmouth (present-day St. Albans).

Undated Events, September 1864

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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