Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
September 10, 1864

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
September 14, 1864

The "Ball in Motion" in Taylor County.

Boothsville, Marion Co., West Va.,
September 10, 1864.

Editors Intelligencer:

It is a matter of deep congratulation to all concerned, that the proper persons are now moving with a spirit most commendable in relation to the new free school system in Taylor county. The Commissioners of Booths Creek township met to-day at the house of the Township Clerk, Mr. Jesse H. g. Prim, to subdivide the township and attend to other matters connected with their duties. The meeting was also attended by the County Superintendent, Mr. Thomas C. McKinney, whose duty it is, among other onerous duties, to examine into the condition of the school houses throughout the county. Alas! for the former indifference and neglect of our people, he had found less than half a dozen houses in our county worthy to be called school houses.

In the evening, our excellent and worthy young Superintendent addressed the people at Rock Union school house, in the lower end of Taylor county. His remarks were the maiden efforts of a young man, and as such did credit to the heart, the judgment and the zeal of the youthful orator.

He labored earnestly to get the people to take a deeper interest in education by various modes of argumentation and illustration. He is indeed an enthusiast in his business. Some of the remarks were beautiful; all were appropriate. He was listened to with interest and pleasure by his auditory.

We rejoice that the ball has thus been put in motion in our county, and devoutly pray that it may soon get into practical operation.


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: September 1864

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