Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 12, 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
November 14, 1864

More Refugees - How They Got Away And What They Say. - Another lot of about twenty refugees from different portions of Old Virginia arrived in the city on Saturday. During their stay they were quartered in the Union Campaign Club Room. The most of them are shrewd intelligent men, and a few were original secessionists. They inform us that in order to escape the rebel pickets, they traveled through the mountains for more than a hundred miles without striking a road. - They came in through Greenland Gap, about five thousand men having preceded them on the same route. Some of the men with whom we conversed are from the southern part of the State and others from the eastern part, from neither of which sections are the means of escape so easy. Those who desire to come North have therefore to employ a little strategy, the employment of which is not necessary in the Valley. The last call of the rebel authorities, made about a month ago, was for the men who had been previously detailed to gather crops and carry on indispensable manufactories. They were ordered to report at different places and were allowed to choose a regiment in which to serve. These men selected regiments doing duty in the Valley, knowing that their chances of escape would be better. These men say that Early does not hope to occupy the valley much longer. All the government stores are being removed to Lynchburg.

Two of the refugees of whom we speak, assured us that they had heard hundreds of rebel soldiers say they would desert if Lincoln was elected - that it was no use fighting any longer and that they would not do it.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1864

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