Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 25, 1864

Wheeling Intelligencer
November 30, 1864

A REBEL RAID ON SHINNSTON. - We learn from a gentleman who resides in Shinnston, Harrison county, that a rebel raid was made upon that place on Friday night last about nine o'clock. The rebels, twelve in number, left their horses about a mile out of town and came into the village on foot. They were suspected by a man who met them as they came into town and who gave the alarm. The rebels fired several shots in the direction of the men and then proceeded to the store of Mr. E. Foreman. There were several persons in the store at the time but the rebels drew their pistols and told the occupants to sit perfectly still and not open their mouths. They then commenced to help themselves to the most valuable goods in the store - about five hundred dollars worth - after which they left and went to the place where their horses were hitched and rode off rapidly up Mud Lick creed in the direction of Webster.

While the rebels were in the store of Mr. Foreman, Mr. Fleming, ex-member of the Legislature happened to step in, when he was requested to take a seat and keep quiet. As he seemed inclined to hesitate, one of the thieves presented a persuader to his breast in the shape of a pistol and he was induced to comply.

The scoundrels were lead by a man named Anderson, who formerly resided in Shinnston but who has been in the rebel army for three years or more.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: November 1864

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