Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 1865

February 1
Citizens of the Ritchietown sub-district of Wheeling made preparations to offer a bounty to soldiers to fill their quota.

February 2
General Samuel P. Heintzelman attended a dinner in Wheeling.

The people of the 8th sub-district attended a draft meeting at the Court House.

February 3
The West Virginia Legislature passed an act abolishing slavery in the state.

February 4
A joint resolution was passed by the state legislature requesting that the West Virginia congressional delegation procure an amendment to the National Banking Law.

February 5

February 6
The West Virginia Legislature passed an act that authorized suits filed in Braxton County to be filed in Lewis County.

February 7
An act was passed by the state legislature authorized boards of supervisors to appoint township collectors.

February 8
The War Department notified West Virginia Adjutant General Francis P. Pierpont that his request to reduce the quota of soldiers from the state had been denied.

February 9
A Federal Court ordered the release of Philip Henry Moore from the county jail.

February 10
The draft commenced in Braxton and Nicholas counties.

February 11
The legislature passed an act amending legislation regarding the construction and repair of roads and bridges in the state.

February 12

February 13
Delegate James H. Ferguson stated that 200 ex-Confederates had returned to Cabell County and "organized a government under the rebel authority."

February 14
The draft commenced in Roane and Clay counties.

February 15
The draft commenced in Kanawha County.

Capt. James Rohrbaugh of the Hardy Independent Scouts seized rye at Cosner's Mill, fearing it would be distilled into whiskey for the rebels.

February 16
The draft continued in Kanawha County.

There were a large number of enlistments from the Grafton area at Captain Stone?s office.

February 17
The draft commenced in Putnam County.

A group of soldiers were shot at the Union House on the corner of Quincy and Main streets in Wheeling.

The draft in Wheeling did not begin on February 15th, contrary to belief, due to incomplete preparations.

The progress of recruiting continued to be steady in Wheeling.

A bill was introduced in the House of Delegates to authorize the superintendent of the western end of the Wheeling and Fairmont Turnpike to ?regulate the tolls on the said road.?

February 18
The West Virginia State Senate passed a bill to "regulate the jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts in certain cases."

February 19

February 20
Captain Hudson received notification from the provost marshal that the credit of 337 men to which West Virginia was entitled was to be permitted.

February 21
Union Generals George Crook and Benjamin F. Kelley were captured by McNeill's Rangers in Cumberland, Maryland.

February 22
The West Virginia Legislature passed an act requiring West Virginia banks to redeem their issues in legal tender money of the United States.

February 23
A horse belonging to Captain Frank Kelley, son of General Benjamin F. Kelley, was stolen in Wheeling, reportedly by a Confederate spy.

February 24
An act was passed by the state legislature amending the charter of the West Virginia Central Railway Company.

Jefferson County native John Yates Beall was executed at Governor's Island, New York, as a Confederate spy.

February 25
House Bill No. 77, which prohibited former Confederates from holding office in West Virginia, was introduced.

February 26

February 27
The West Virginia Legislature passed an act providing payment for Upshur County militia who had been confined in Confederate prisons.

February 28
A Confederate supporter was sent to The Atheneum prison for ?talking treason and yelling for Jeff Davis.?

Captain Thomas H. Norton (who was serving under Sherman in the Georgia campaign) and J. H. Diss Debar, designer of the West Virginia State Seal, arrived in Wheeling.

A soldier in Wheeling was shorted his change in a cigar shop.

Undated Events, February 1865

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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