Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 2, 1865

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
February 16, 1865

DRAFT MEETING OF THE PEOPLE OF THE EIGHTH SUB-DISTRICT.:The people of the 8th sub-district, composed of the 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th wards of the city met at the Court House last evening. Mr. T. C. McAfee was called to the Chair and Mr. John Mulrine was elected Secretary.

Dr. Logan from the Committee having in charge the matter of collecting money to pay private bounties, made the following statement of what the committee had done and ascertained.

In the 1st ward there are 365 men enrolled; 95 of these subscribed, 260 are nonsubscribers. The total subscription is $1,808, and the average per subscriber is $19.

In the 2d Ward, the number of persons enrolled is 313; 68 of these subscribed, 245 are non-subscribers; the entire subscription is $1,515, and the average per subscriber is $22.

In the 3d Ward, the number enrolled is 515; 148 of these subscribed; 467 are nonsubscribers; the total subscription is $3,412, and the average per subscriber is $20.

Dr. Logan stated that almost a sufficient number of men had already been mustered to the credit of the district to consume the money. There were plenty of men. All the committees wanted was the money. The committees must have more money immediately. They had been greatly disappointed at the result of their labors.

Mr. Wilson offered the following resolution which was adopted:

Resolved, That the said Ward committees shall appoint block committees, whose duty it shall be to canvass such blocks I the several wards as may be assigned them and collect the amount assessed as far as practicable.

Mr. Shallcross said that he hoped the committee in making the assignment would keep in view the erroneous enrollment of the 2d ward. The committee had found a great many persons on the lists who had were notoriously unfit for military duty. The name of one man who has been dead for three years was found upon the list.

The following committee was appointed under the first resolution:

First Ward:R. J. Porter, John Gardner, J.C. Vanfossen, J.A. Dunning, Jacob Switzer.

Second Ward:J. A. Armstrong, John Bishop, G. W. Franzheim, J. E. Wilson, T. P. Shallcross.

Seventh Ward:N. Z Hunter, Thos. Glasscock, Wm. Berger, Fred. Laue, J. Mulrine.

Third Ward:Jas. Bodley, T. C. McAfee, Samuel Laughlin, J. A. Metcalf, Alex Turner.

The Chairman introduced Capt. Stone, the District Provost Marshal, who stated that his instructions were, as received from Captain Hudson the Provost Marshal General of the State, that as soon as recruiting stopped to commence the draft. As long as recruiting continues as at present, therefore, the draft will not commence. He also said that he had just been notified of a new regulation in regard to drafted men. Every man who is drafted hereafter will be compelled to report within three days. Those who have joined insurance companies might rest assured that in case of a draft they would not have much time to hunt up substitutes.

Dr. Logan introduced a resolution, which was adopted, instructing the committee appointed by the first resolution, to have hand bills printed both in English and German setting forth the object of the meeting and giving other information that may be deemed important.

On motion of Mr. John Bishop the business men of the city were requested to close up their stores and keep them closed until the quota of the county is fall.

On motion of Mr. Fred. Myers the committee was instructed to publish the names of those who refused to contribute.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: February 1865

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