Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 6, 1865

Clarksburg Weekly National Telegraph
April 7, 1865

A Jubilee in Clarksburg:Illumination:Speaking, Music, Fireworks, and Great Rejoicing Generally Over the Success of the Federal Arms.:On Monday last after our people had received the glorious intelligence of the recent Federal successes, they immediately concluded to have a demonstration over it. Upon mature deliberation they resolved to await until full confirmation of the truth of our successes. On Tuesday all doubts were removed from the minds of the most incredulous and preparations were accordingly made to have a grand demonstration at night.

Colonel Wilkinson commanding the forces at this place received orders on Tuesday about noon to fire a hundred guns in honor of the successes. This was was [sic] done immediately by Carlin's Battery.

At night the city was illuminated throughout; almost every citizen had his business house and dwelling lighted, many most brilliantly. The streets were in a blaze with rockets, Roman candles, turpentine balls, &c. In many places large bonfires were lighted[?]. The whole city appeared in a glare of light. The band attached to Carlin's Battery [provided] sweet music and added much to the interest of the occasion.

At nine o'clock Col. A. P. Davisson delivered an excellent and appropriate speech to the assembled crowd in front of Irwin's store. His remarks elicited immense applause. He was followed by Major Lang, Joseph G. Thompson, Col. Luther Haymond and others who contributed their share to the interesting occasion. After the speaking was concluded the crowd quietly dispersed and went to their homes.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1865

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