Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 7 and 10, 1865

Clarksburg Weekly National Telegraph
April 14, 1865

Great Rejoicings in Clarksburg.

--We have had a week's rejoicing in Clarksburg. On last Friday evening news came to Clarksburg that Lee had surrendered his forces to General Grant. Our people immediately got up an illumination. The city was thoroughly lighted up. Carlin's Battery Band discoursed sweet music for the people. Speeches were made by Capt. Dodge and Hon. T. W. Harrison which were admirably adapted to the times and circumstances. Well on Saturday morning we learned that our rejoicing was premature:that Lee had not quite surrendered. This of course caused a damper, but this state of things did not continue long. On Monday the glorious intelligence of Lee's surrender came. Preparations were made for another illumination on Monday night. At noon Carlin's Battery fired two hundred guns. At dark all Clarksburg was a blaze of light. Transparencies were moving through the streets, bonfires were lighted and the Band aforementioned enlivened the city with dulcet music. Messrs. Taft and Farnsworth of Buckhannon made speeches from the steps of Bartlett's Hotel. These speeches were of some length and well delivered. Everything passed off well.

We feel that our citizens are under many obligations to the Band attached to Carlin's Battery for the part which it has taken in our recent jubilees. We have really had a glorious time of rejoicing.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1865

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