Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 29, 1865

Wheeling Intelligencer
May 3, 1865

Meeting in Tyler County.

Sistersville, Tyler Co., W. Va.,
April 29, 1865.

Editors Intelligencer:
At a meeting of the loyal citizens of Tyler County, held on the 29th day of April, 1865, at the Presbyterian Church in Sistersville, assembled to consider the represent State of affairs in the country.:Daniel Sweney was elected Chairman of the meeting and William H. Gillespie Secretary. Messrs. J. Wharry, E. A. Barr, J. T. Hickman, David King and Benjamin Davenport having been appointed a committee on resolutions submitted the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, By the hand of an assassin the great head of the nation, Abraham Lincoln, has been removed from us, in this our hour of need, and that too under circumstances so appalling as to throw a deep gloom over our unhappy land; and whereas it is officially stated that the act was approved at Richmond, the capital of the so called Southern Confederacy, that den of wickedness and nest of rebellion; and whereas the hostility of Northern traitors to our great and good president is what helped to serve the arm of the hell-born t5raitor who struck the foul blow:

Therefore be it Resolved, By us, the loyal citizens of Tyler county, in public assembly, that we regard the cause of this wicked rebellion as the cause of the devil, who first rebelled against high Heaven; that we regard the act of secession as treason, and those who voted for its traitors, with this exception, that those who have repented of their act, and have given evidence of such repentance, are hereby forgiven; that we regard sympathizers with the rebellion, as traitors to their country; that we regard all men as sympat[h]izers who by act, word or spirit countenance the rebellion or its friends; that we regard those whose associations and influence are with sympathizers, as men of the same stamp, that we consider such sympathy odious and disgraceful, and we shall look upon with horror and despise the base wretch, who would strike a blow at the heart of his mother country, his native land.

And be it further Resolved, That those who have served the rebellion, either in a military, or civil capacity, are hereby forbidden to return to their homes in this county, and we individually bind ourselves to enforce this resolution.

And be if further Resolved, That we consider it disgraceful to live and associate with rebels or rebel sympathizers, as heretofore defined, and we earnestly request all such, for their own safety and peace of mind, to sell their pro0perty and remove fr5om amongst us, and when they leave for other posts, we conjure them to build up for themselves new characters and rid themselves of the foul disgrace, which now attaches to them, and we will give them [?] wherein to make their [?].

And be it further Resolved, That we desire to uphold and protect our laws, and we [?] regret that these laws are insufficient to punish rebellion of the heart as well as rebellion in deeds.

And be it further Resolved, That while we scorn and abhor a rebel sympathizer, we still commend him to repent of his wickedness, so that, at least, if he never regain the public confidence, he will have the innate consciousness of having performed his duty, in abandoning a foul and sinful cause.

Resolved further, That we the loyal citizens of Tyler county, hold the persons and pro0perty of rebel sym0pathizers responsible for any injury done to the persons or property of loyal citizens, through the influence of the rebellion, when it can be reached by civil or military law.

And be it further Resolved, That on the 25th day of May, 1865, appointed by the President for fasting and prayer, that the citizens of this county be and are hereby requested to suspend their usual avocations and recognize the day in a suitable manner.

Be if further Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Wheeling Intelligencer

Loyal papers will please copy.

Daniel Sweney, Chairman
William H. Gillispie, Secretary.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: April 1865

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