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First West Virginia Legislature

Biographical Sketches: Isaac Holman

Wheeling Intelligencer
September 5, 1863

The First West Va. Legislature.


Sketches Personal, Political and Biographical

ISAAC HOLMAN, from Marion

Isaac Holman, one of the delegates from Marion, is 53 years old, but is so fat and jolly that no one would take him to be above 40. Mr. Holman is a native of Landisburg, Pennsylvania, of English and German descent. His father was a farmer. Isaac learned the business of wool manufacturer, and was so engaged for 25 years, during which time he mrraied [sic]. In 1845 he emigrated to Virginia and established himself at Valley Falls, in Marion county, where he erected the valuable mills that belong to the Fetterman family of Pittsburg. Previous attempts had been made to make something out of the fine water power these Falls afford, but Mr. Holman was the first to attain successful results. - About eight years ago he purchased and removed to a farm some three miles from Palatine in the same county, where he has since resided. He has been director in the Fairmont Bank for the past nine years, and was Sheriff of Marion county for two terms, and if what every body says is true, was a very good one. Was always a Whig, while his county was always very largely democratic. Was a candidate for the Legislature some years ago, and came within a very few votes of being chosen. Was elected to his present position by a very handsome vote, which some attribute partly to his meritorious conduct in the fight at Fairmont last spring with Jones' cavalry, which took place a few weeks before the election. Is known as "Colonel" Holman among his intimate friends. Whether he was once colonel of militia or whether the title is bestowed in consideration of prowess on the occasion referred to, I am not advised. Has eight children living, and one one son who volunteered at the beginning of the war, and died of wounds received at Bull Run. Those who know Col. Holman do not need to be told that he is a Union man of "the most straightest sect." He is as unconditional as General Grant. His motto is "U. S.," and he interprets it either "Unconditional Surrender" or "United States." He is an original new State man, and of course anti-slavery.

In person Col. Holman is rather below the medium height; quite fat and rotund; suffers a good deal in hot weather; has a a fresh round, fat, rosy face; double chin; shaves clean; bright grey eyes; hair light chestnut; dresses plainly; is always in a good jovial humor; used to swear, just a little, when he talked about the rebels, but doesn't do so now; is much given to humor and relishes a joke almost as much as he does his dinner. Is a member of the Committee on Private Incorporations and Joint Stock Companies, and Chairman of the Committee on Enrolled Bills.

Is a pleasant companionable gentleman and a good member, who prefers voting to speaking; and has such a frank, hearty, cordial way about him that he makes friends of all he meets.

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