Election Precincts
in counties that became
part of West Virginia

Act of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia Passed in 1861-2
(Richmond: William F. Ritchie, Public Printer, 1862), 161-166.

Separate Election Precincts

Barbour – Court-house; Burner’s; Nutter’s; Bartlett’s; Mitchell’s; Yeager’s; Glady Creek; Holtsberry’s; Coal Precinct.

Berkeley – Court-house; Billingre’s Hotel; Mill Creek; Hedgesville; Falling Waters; Robinson’s Mill; Gerrardstown; Oak Grove; Glen Spring; Crossroads.

Boone – Court-house; Adkins’ on Mud river; Adkins’ on Big Coal; Lawrence’s; Curtiss’; Daniel Laurel’s; Thompson’s Mill; Miller’s.

Braxton – Court-house; Triplett’s; Rilney’s; Cool’s; John Crite’s former Residence; Christian Moda’s former Residence; Haymond’s Mill; Cunningham’s; Saulsberry; Stenestreet; Jacob P. Conrad’s.

Brooke – At same places as magisterial elections; Goodwill School-house.

Cabell – Court-house; Guyandotte; Ladiley’s Store; Spurlock’s; Doolittle’s Mill; Barrett’s Precinct; McComas’; Falls of Guyandotte; Killgore’s Precinct; Peter Buffington’s.

Doddridge – Court-house; Allen’s; Bond’s; Key’s; Davis’.

Fayette – Court-house; Blake’s; Gauley Bridge; Fleshman’s; Lewis’; Keeney’s; Terry’s; Coleman’s.

Gilmer – Court-house; Jerkland; Burke’s; Widow Stumps; DeKalb’s; Peregrine Hays’; Knott’s; Hewett’s; Troy.

Greebrier – Court-house; Blue Sulphur Springs; Lick Creek; Anthony’s Creek; Spring Creek; Southside; Lewisburg; White Sulphur; Miller’s; Irish Corner; Williamsburg; Frankfort.

Hampshire – Court-house; John Liller’s; Miers’; Burlington; Taylor’s; Doyles’; Thompson’s; Lupton’s; Kisner’s; Lovett’s; Mrs. Offutt’s; Stump’s; Fority; Sherrard’s School-house; Hash’s; Blair’s; Arnold’s; Piedmont.

Hancock – Court-house; Holliday’s Cove; New Manchester; Aton’s School-house.

Harrison – Court-house; Shinnston; Union Meeting-house; West Milford; Lumberport; Bridgeport; Davis’; Lynch’s; Sardis; Swisher’s Mills.

Jackson – Ripley; Click’s; Jones’; Range’s; California; Depue’s; Three forks of Reedy; Trumansville; Ravenswood; Squire Slaven’s; Murrayville; Moor’s Mill; McGrew’s Mill.

Jefferson – Eight districts – Places the same as for magisterial elections.

Kanawha – Court-house; Fleetwood’s; Richards’; Bradley Low’s; Atkinson’s Mill; Altz’s; Couts’ Mouth; Dog Creek; Givens’; Malden; Fork Coal; Harper’s; Gatewood’s; Mouth Sandy; Brooks’ Store.

Lewis – Court-house; McLaughlin’s Store; Jane Lew; Freeman’s Creek; Skin Creek; Hall’s Store; Leading Creek; Collins’ Settlement.

Logan – Same places as for magisterial elections.

Marion – Places the same as those for magisterial elections, and at Glover’s Gap.

Marshall – Court-house; Pleasant Hill; Jones’ Hotel; Bleak’s School-house; Parsons’ Precinct; Mouth of Fish Creek; Sand Hill; Crossroads; Smart’s School-house; Burley’s; Terrill’s School-house; Big Run; Fair View; Linn Camp.

Mason – Court-house; Berriage Precinct; Love Precinct; Barnett Precinct; West Columbia; Neaso Precinct; Eighteen Mile Precinct; Grigg’s; Sixteen Mile Precinct; Thirteen Mile Precinct.

Monongalia – Court-house; Guseman’s; Jones’; Osburn’s; Ross’; Lofter’s; Cassville; Christiman’s; Laurel Point; Cox’ls; Moore’s River; Tenant’s; Dowall’s; Warren.

Monroe – Court-house; Dickson’s; Miller’s Store; Rollinsburg; Mrs. Peck’s; Red Sulphur; Haynes’; Centreville.

Morgan – Court-house; Lowe’s; Baker’s; Unger’s; Hume’s; Swann’s; Miller’s.

Nicholas – Court-house; Taylor’s; Brown’s; Neil’s; Dunbar’s; Nutter’s; Sawyer’s; Pierson’s.

Pendleton – Franklin; Harper’s; Kiser’s; Vint’s; Cowyer’s Mill; Mallow’s; Seneca; Circleville.

Pleasants – Court-house; Spring Run; Sugar Creek; Pine Grove; Hale’s Mill.

Pocahontas – Four districts – Places of election the same as for magistrates.

Preston – Brandonville; Miller’s; Burnel’s; Feather’s; Summit School-house; Germany; Graham’s; Huddlesin’s; Kingwood; Martin’s; Independence; Evansville; Nine’s; Funk’s.

Putnam – Court-house; Bailey’s; Pocatalico; Alexander’s; Red House; Jones’; Hurricane Bridge; Wheeler’s; Buffalo; Eighteen Mile Precinct.

Raleigh – Same places as magisterial elections.

Randolph – Court-house; Pennington’s; Minear’s; Taylor’s; Kemp’s; Lee.

Ritchie – Harrisville; Skelton’s; Leedan’s; Ireland’s; Deems’; Rawson’s; Tebbs’; Murphy’s.

Taylor – Court-house; Mahaney; Reed’s; Claysville; Knottsville; Haymond’s; Fetterman; Grafton.

Tyler – Court-house; Centreville; David John’s; Hammond’s; Underwood’s; Dancer’s; Sistersville; Pleasant Mills.

Upshur – Court-house; Reedy Mills; Simpson’s Mill; Posty; Marples; Marshall’s; Chesney’s.

Wayne – William Crum’s (No other returned.)

Wetzel – Court-house; Forks of Proctor; Knob Fork; Church’s; Cohorn’s; Ice’s; Willey’s School-house.

Wirt – Court-house; Foster’s; Petty’s.

Wood – Precincts at the same places as election for magistrates.

Wyoming – Court-house; Gad’s; Rhineheart’s; McKinney’s; Bailey’s; Lester’s.

[No listings for Calhoun, Clay, Hardy, McDowell, Mercer, Ohio, Roane, Tucker, Webster. Grant, Lincoln, Mingo, Mineral, Summers not yet formed.]

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