Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
January 7, 1861

County Meetings in Virginia.

At a meeting at Madison Court-House last week, $700 were subscribed to purchase arms, and among the other resolutions the following were adopted:

That it is the duty of Virginia, in view of the danger that threatens her forthwith to dissolve her connection with the existing Federal Government, and assume the position of an independent State.

That she should immediately thereafter invite every slaveholding State to co-operate with her in the formation of a Southern Confederacy prior to the 4th of March next.

That each State upon assuming the position of a separate, independent, sovereign State is entitled to her due share of the public property, including the Territories of the United States, and is justly liable for her proportion of the public debt; and if not done before, immediately after the formation of a Southern Confederacy. these rights should be demanded, and if not yielded, should be enforced; and the obligation to pay the proper share of the public debt assumed.

At a meeting in Marion county last week, resolutions were adopted favoring the call of a Convention, and-- That as Virginians we hold to the institutions of Virginia, and are determined to perpetuate and defend the same until all constitutional measures shall be exhausted, then we claim the privilege of adopting our own manner of redress.

That this meeting recommend to the Legislature of the State of Virginia to make no appropriations towards bearing the expenses of Northern or Southern delegates who may be sent to us to incense the feelings of our delegate as against conservative measures.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: January 1861

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