Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
May 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
May 17, 1861

Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.

Cheering News from Western Virginia.

Pocahontas Co., May 14, 1861.

Some persons express doubts about Western Virginia being sound, but if those persons could only come to Pocahontas, they would no longer doubt the fidelity of this portion of the Old Dominion. Pocahontas County Court appropriated fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) for arming and equipping the volunteer companies of the county. There are now three fine volunteer companies in the county, besides a large "Home Guard." The Court also ordered 400 or 500 lances to be made, to be placed in every house in the county, for the women to fight with if we should be attacked. There is also a powder mill and a gun machinery now in operation at Huntersville.--The gun factory turns out the best Sharpe's rifles, which are to be used for the defence of the county. Mr. J. E. A. Gibbs is superintendent of the works.

A great many of the citizens of Pocahontas are descendants of the Warwick and Lewis families, and these people have the same spirit as their ancestors had.

All honor is due to our worthy and energetic fellow-citizen, Wm. Skeen, who has been very active in raising troops, and seeing them properly armed and fitted out.

I think, beyond doubt, Pocahontas will be a unit for secession on the 23d of May.

If Lincoln attempts to send forces from Ohio, armed men will spring up from every bush to keep them back, and every hill-side will glisten with bayonets.


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: May 1861

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