Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
May 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
May 30, 1861

Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.

From the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs.

White Sulphur Springs May 25.

The anti Ordinance or submission vote here of thirty seven is mortifying to the citizens of the locality. It was swelled by an invasion of voters from Anthony's Creek Among the voters proper, it is true, there are a few submissionists; but they are much less respectable in numbers than the poll would indicate. It is a pity that in a county so much benefited by Southern liberality in the summer season : whose prosperity is to be so immensely enhanced by the increased throng of Southern people under the Confederacy (if not now, certainly after the war)--should give one vote against the Ordinance. But, while this is a shame and a pity, we are consoled by the reflection that the number so voting is few, and the vote for the Ordinance is overwhelming. The feeling of the community generally is most decided and patriotic. Greenbrier is true, and will so approve herself.

In this locality the principal man amongst the little knot opposed to the Ordinance, has declared his devotion to the South, and since Virginia has so overwhelmingly passed the Ordinance of Secession, he is in favor of standing by her to the bitter end. Late as such citizens are in taking this stand, it is nevertheless a gratifying fact that the great body of those in the West who voted against the Ordinance will most assuredly occupy this ground, after the result of Thursday's vote is known.

Mource and Alleghany are almost unanimous.

Kanawha, it is rumored, has given a majority against the Ordinance. I fear Summers is very disloyal, and poor old Dr. Patrick, who seems to see nothing straight that relates to the issues of the day, is said to have exerted all his influence against the Ordinance. Still, I will bet on Kanawha. She will not join Carlile, the traitor, who ought to be arrested and brought to justice.

The White Sulphur is well prepared to entertain a large company, and as every year has enabled the company to profit by experience, they are now better provided and better arranged for the efficient, successful and satisfactory administration of their affairs than ever. The Dry Creek Hotel is fitting up, and will be prepared to entertain a number of guests in its well known sumptuous style.


Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: May 1861

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