Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 1861

Richmond Enquirer
June 11, 1861

From Barbour County.

[Correspondence of the Richmond Enquirer.]

May 24, 1861

I wrote you some weeks ago an account of affairs here. Since that time great events have taken place here and elsewhere. The election which severed the relations of Virginia with the Old Ape's Government has passed away, and Virginia stands once more "redeemed, regenerated and disenthralled." Once more she stands forth, free from the shackles of tyranny, and the voices of 150,000 freemen have resounded throughout her broad domain, that sink or swim, live or die, they will stand by her, and by the South.

This county has gone for secession by a large majority. Col. Johnson (secessionist) is elected over Teter, (Union.) to the Legislature.

I wrote to you, in my former article, that Col. Sturm would be elected Captain of the Meadowville Volunteers. He has be elected; and his company has already been mustered into service. They have been quartered here for several days, as are also Capt. Reger's Company.

The troops from Pendleton and Augusta, numbering about 400, arrived here yesterday noon, and left in the evening for Grafton, which place they arrived at during the night.

The demonstration here on the arrival of these troops was very imposing. They expressed themselves much pleased at the reception they met from the people of Barbour.

Capt. Jenkins' fine Cavalry Company, (of this county,) accompanied these troops to Grafton. To day two companies from Pocahontas County arrived here, on their way to Grafton. They will leave for that place to night or tomorrow. Captain Sturm's and Reger's companies will go with them. I must not forget to state that these two latter companies were presented with flags by the ladies of this place today. And I will say that there are no more patriotic women on earth than in Barbour. For nearly two weeks they have strained nerve in making uniforms for the volunteers, I feel satisfied that the "Barbour Grays" and "Mountain Guards" will prove themselves worthy of the confidence and the smiles of the ladies, whose encouragement has aided them so materially.

Other companies are being formed in this county.

I will write you next from Grafton.

Yours, & c.,
Mort. C. Johnson

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: June 1861

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