Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
August 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
August 22, 1861

A skirmish in Western Virginia.

A correspondent of the Cincinnati Times gives an account of a recent skirmish between Federal and Confederate troops, the former consisting of three Ohio companies. It occurred between Bulltown and Weston, Va.--The Confederates were concealed in the bushes, and fired upon the scouts of the Ohioans as they approached. Four of the Federal scouts were wounded, but not seriously. One of them received a ball through the fleshy part of the breast, and another a shot through the leg, but without breaking the bone. Sergeant Mulley, of Company H, was shot in the arm. Patrick Hendrieker, of Company H, received a ball in his arm, and had just exclaimed "I'm shot," when a ball struck him underneath the left ear and produced almost instant death. He was from Cincinnati.--When the firing commenced, the men say that the balls rattled like hail, and from the number and rapidity of the shots it is supposed that there were probably a hundred or more of the attacking party. The scouts promptly returned the fire, discharging their pieces at random into the bushes, but with what effect it was impossible to tell. The entire force of the three companies soon came to their aid, but the Confederates had then fled, leaving traces of blood behind.

The same correspondent says that H. T. Martin, an editor of Weston, Va., has been arrested and sent to Columbus, Ohio.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: August 1861

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