Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
October 16, 1861

Re-issue of the Martinsburg (Va.) Republican.

The Hessians having suddenly evacuated Martinsburg, the editor of the Republican resumes his duties, after an interval of four months, and says:

This is the first issue of our paper since the 15th of June last. All the hands of the office prior to that time were in the army of the Southern Confederacy, with the exception of one apprentice, who had not attained the age to capacitate him for military duty. Being the only hand we have yet been able to obtain, we need make no apology for the reduced size and change in the appearance of our paper other than to state some of the facts which have led to this result.

On the occupation of Martinsburg by the Hessian force of General Patterson, our office was taken possession of by his thieves. They printed for some time a diminutive daily paper, called the "American Union," while they remained here. Before leaving, they robbed and plundered the office. They stole type, cuts, the head of the paper, composing sticks, brass galleys, books from our library, cut up column rules of the newspaper, knocked forms into "pi," and doubtless would have entirely destroyed the establishment but for the fact that the Federal hirelings left here sooner than they anticipated. We understand that they exhibited in print on their return to Pennsylvania, in their newspapers, some of the cuts, &c., stolen from our office, thus showing that they are so debased as to glory in their own shame. To show who they are, we subjoin, from their first sheet, issued on the 4th of July, an article, and the names of the persons connected with the publication of the "American Union":--Captain Wm. B. Sipes, editor; Lieutenant C. H. Hale, 1st assistant; Samuel Vandersloot, 2d assistant; L. K. Zuck, third assistant. Compositors : Horatio Snyder, George Rudisill, George C. Stroman, Benjamin Daily, George W. Bence, John B. Byers, S. A. Stouffer, John A. Seiders, D. C. Martin, A. Crist.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: October 1861

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