Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 1862

Staunton Spectator
October 14, 1862

AFFAIRS IN THE KANAWHA VALLEY---SALE OF SALT.---A letter in the Lynchburg Republican, from Charleston, Kanawha county, Va, dated the 2nd instant, says Gen. Loring is still at that place. It adds:

The Yankees made a dash on Gen. Jenkin's command, a few days ago, at Buffalo, supposing he was napping. The attack was made early in the morning by some 500 cavalry and infantry, while the valley was covered with fog. They approached close enough to be seen, when Gen. J. let loose upon them with a howitzer, which scattered them like chaff. Our forces pursued them about 9 miles, but owing to the dense fog, thought it prudent to stop pursuit, for fear of falling into an ambush. Recruiting is progressing very rapidly, many of the old infantry companies having been filled already, and cavalry companies forming without number.

The Salt Works are doing a splendid business out here at present. Hundreds of wagons are loading and going east. There was a meeting of Salt makers, a few days ago, for the purpose of establishing a uniform price for the article at $1 per bushel, when they have been glad to send it to Cincinnati and other river ports, heretofore, at from 20 to 35 cents, according to the state of the markets, and now refuse to let our Eastern people have it for less than $1. But I am hap-to say that there was one man unwilling to go into this meeting, and his name was Fry. He has sold and continues to sell at 50 cents per bushel, saying he can afford to sell to the Southern Confederacy as cheap as to Yankees. Parties have been trying to buy all he has on hand and all he can make at his own price; but he understands them, and refuses to sell to speculators.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: October 1862

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