Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 12, 1862

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
December 13, 1862

Vote on the New State

The Senate bill for the admission of Western Virginia into the Union was passed by a vote of 96 against 55, as follows:

Yeas Messrs. Aldich, Arnold, Babitt, Baker, Baxter, Beaman, Bingham, Blair of Va. , Blair of Penn. , Blake, Brown of Va. , Buffington, Burnham, Campbell, Casey, Chamberlain, Clark, Clements, Colfax, Frederick, A. Conkling, Covode, Cutter, Davis, Duell, Dunn, Edgerton, Edwards, Elliot, Ely, Fenton, S. Fessenden, T. A. C. Fessenden, Frank, Franchot, Godwin, Gurley, Haight, Hale, Harrison, Hickman, Hooper, Horton, Hutchins, Julian, Kelley, Kellogg of Ill. , Killinger, Lansing, Lehman, Loomis, Lovejoy, Low, McKnight, McPherson, Maynard, Mitchell, Moorhead, Morrill of Me. , Morrill of Vt. , Nixon, Noell, Olin, Patton, Phelps of Cal. , Pike, Pomeroy, Porter, Potter, Rice of Me., Riddie, Rollins of N. H. , Sargeant, Sedgwick, Shanks, Sheffield, Shellabarger, Sherman, Sloan, Spaulding, Stevens, Stratton, Trumbull, Trowbridge, Van Horn, Van Valkenburg, Van Wyck, Verree, Wall, Walker, Washburne, Whaley, White of Ind. , Wilson, Windom, Worchester.

Nays Messrs. Allen of Ill. , Alley, Ancona, Ashley, Bailey, Biddle, Cobb, Roscoe, Conkling, Conway, Cox, Cravens, Crisfield, Crittenden, Delano, Delaplaine, Diven, Dunlap, English, Gooch, Granger, Grider, Hail, Harding, Holman, Johnston, Kerrigan, Knapp, Law, Mallory, Menzies, Morris, Noble, Norton, Odell, Pendleton, Price, Rice of Mass. , Richardson, Robinson of Ill. , Rollins of Mo. , Segar, Shiel, Smith, Steele of N.Y. , Steele of N.J. , Thomas of Mass. , Thomas of Md. , Train, Vallandigham, Voorhees, Ward, White of Ohio, Wickliffe, Wright, Yeaman.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: December 1862

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