Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
February 16, 1863

A Card – To the Convention.

Gentlemen of the Constitutional Convention:

Not feeling at liberty – as I was not even an honorary member of your body – to respond upon the floor to your decision in the case of Dr. David W. Gibson and myself, I feel it due to your honorable body and to Dr. Gibson as well as to myself to make a brief statement.

While I claimed my seat as the representative of the people of Pocahontas county, I did not propose to do so contrary to their wishes, or the wishes of the Convention. Nor was I willing that Dr. Gibson should be excluded from the Convention and myself preferred. But, on the contrary I wrote a letter on the morning of the 13th (a copy of which is hereto appended) to be presented by my friend Col. Henry Dering of Monongalia, proposing to withdraw my name and application for a seat in the Convention. But after I had written the letter I learned from my friend Mr. Parker, of Cabell county, that the probability was we could both be admitted. I conclude to stay and hear the decision. Since you did not see cause in your judgment to give us each a seat, I endorse with pleasure and am heartily gratified that the people of Pocahontas (the land of my nativity and home) are represented by a gentleman so eminently deserving and loyal to his country and so faithful to the new State as Dr. Gibson.

When the new State was first marked out, we were left out in the cold, and have been out ever since until you have received us in the person of Dr. David W. Gibson. Now that we are severed from our taskmasters of Eastern Virginia, we shall feel that we are at home forever.

Hoping you may have a harmonious session, that your action on the new State questions may be united, that the benedictions of a grateful people will rest upon you to the latest evening of life, and when your heads are pillowed in dust, and that history will hand your names down with the blest until time shall be no more.

I am, with great respect,

Your obedient servant,
Samuel Young.
Wheeling, Va., Feb. 14


Gentlemen of the Convention:

Permit me to withdraw my name as applicant for a seat in your body as delegate from Pocahontas county, in favor of Dr. D. W. Gibson, who is an uncompromisingly loyal man.

With great respect,
Your ob’t serv’t and Fellow-citizen,
Samuel Young.

Wheeling, Feb. 13.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: February 1863

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