Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
April 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
April 14, 1863

A Letter from a Secesh Girl to a Member of the 3d Virginia Regiment.

Braxton County, Virginia,
March 23, 1863.

Dear Sir - this will inform you that I am well at present hoping those few lines may find you enjoying good health, received your letter and was happy to hear that you was where you were you said it would be your delight in hart to get a correspondent between me and you, before there can be a correspondent between you and me, I would like to know whether you have a wife and family or not, I heard the married men in the 3d "Virginia" Regt' would Sparke a heap quicker than the young men would, you Said you was happy with your acquaintance with me, I can't say, if you had been in Dixie your letter might have been welcome, I am happy to hear from the "dixie" boys they say they love to pay you a Visit in a short time. When you See Gen. "G" a coming your doom will be to die, you said if I was willing write and let you know. You know as Strong a "Secesh" as I am don't want to have any thing to Say to a "Yankee" I heard that 2 thirds of you men would be "Secesh" if you could have your own way. I Suppose there aint a drop of Sesh blook amunxt the best of you Yankies, I heard some of your men said at George Keiness as you come up at that was Perry Colter had passed Strange crick with them horses, I thought you would have more respect for me than to kill my brother as you said you would, there is no respect in you Yankies but you have fought long a nuff I would Suppose to know that the "Almighty" is in the Souths favor, you never fought a fight in your life but what you go: whipped, that plainly Shoes you aint on the wright side, you said how would you a knowed if you hadent a wrote you might of knowed you on one side and me on the other it wouldent doe, if you will turn and go to "dixie" it might be all right, before I would forsake the dixie boys that have fought so long to defend their country as they have I will have to change my mind, you can answer this if it you will, I will bring my Scribling to a close by Sending you my love if you was a "Secesh" So no more at present But remain a rebel

Untill Death

Hurraw for Jeff,
R. C.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: April 1863

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