Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 1863

Richmond Daily Dispatch
October 24, 1863

From the Kanawha Valley.

--There is now but a very small number of Yankees in the Kanawha Valley, Gen. Scammon, the commander, having gone with the larger portion to Tennessee, either to reinforce Burnside or Rosecrans. The force now in the Valley consists of four regiments and one battery the regiments being the 12th, 23d, and 91st Ohio, and the 5th (bogus) Virginia. The 12th and 91st are at Fayetteville, the county seat of Fayette county, the 23d is at Charleston, and the 5th (bogus) Virginia is scattered at different points along the river. There are no cavalry in the Valley.--Gen. Seammon took with him the 1st and 2d (bogus) Virginia cavalry, the 34th Ohio, (Zouave) recently mounted, the 9th (bogus) Virginia, and McMullen's battalion. A little dash and enterprise on the part of our forces into the Valley would, it is believed, clear it of the enemy.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: October 1863

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