Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
January 8, 1864

Under the requirements of the act of Congress of March 3d, 1863, entitled “an act relating to habeas corpus and regulating judicial proceedings in certain cases.” Judge Advocate Holt has reported to Chief Justice Taney a list of political prisoners held at different places in the country. In the list we find the following persons named as from West Virginia:

Confined At Wheeling.

Mary Jane Green, Braxton county, Virginia, May, 1862; destroying telegraph wire.

Mary Jane Prater, Cincinnati, Ohio, December 27, 1862; wearing soldier’s clothes. Offence committed within circuit.

David Angler, Jacob Bolyard, Wm. H. Dougherty, Samuell Elliott, Samuel Holsburg, Peter Johnson, Wm. F. Miller, and Samuel Halmaker, all of Barbour county, Va., January 8, 1863; arrested by order of Gov. Peirpoint as hostages for Sheriff of Barbour county, captured by rebels and taken to Richmond.

Confined At Camp Chase, Ohio.

Martin Brittan, Jackson county, Va., February 1, 1863; disloyalty.

Benjamin Bassill, Upshur county, Va., March 3, 1863; disloyalty.

Dallas Gilford and Thomas Gilford, Sr., Pocahontas co., Va., February 11, 1863; disloyalty.

B. G. Ganler, Randolph co., Va., February 17, 1863; disloyalty.

Daniel Hart, Randolph co., Va., February 19, 1863; disloyalty.

L. B. Hart, Randolph co., Va., February 18, 1863; disloyalty.

John D. Garrett, Logan co., Va., December 4, 1862; disloyalty.

Thos. Moran, Barbour co., Va., December 17, 1862; disloyalty.

Jas. W. Norman, Calhoun co., Va., February 19, 1863; disloyalty.

D. L. Snodgrass, Marion co., Va., August 6, 1862; disloyalty.

David Williams, Harrison co., Va., September 12, 1862; disloyalty.

Eli C. Williams, Jackson co., Va., February 7, 1863; disloyalty.

Eli Emrick, Wood co., Va., February 6, 1863; aiding Rebels.

Geo. W. Mills, Randolph co., Va., February 15, 1863; aiding Rebels.

C. N. Schoonover, Randolph co., Va., February 17, 1863; aiding Rebels.

Levi Totty, Hampshire co., Va., March 4, 1863; aiding Rebels.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: January 1864

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