Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 1864

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
February 18, 1864


CUMBERLAND, Feb. 8, 1864.

Gov. A. I. Boreman:

DEAR SIR: As Senator Carskadon has undertaken to speak for the military is condemnation of the Commander of the Department of West Virginia, we the undersigned officers belonging to various parts of the General's large command, beg leave through you to express to the Committee of Military Affairs, our entire dissent from the views expressed by the senator.

We agree, not with the senator, but with the views expressed by yourself in your late message to the Legislature, in relation to the able and successful management of the large Department of West Virginia by Gen. Kelley.

We think the Legislature would do well to leave the whole matter where it properly belongs; viz: with the War Department, which is alone held responsible by the country for the conduct of the war, and which must be supposed to be in possession of all the facts and data necessary to the formation of intelligent opinions, not only as to the general competency, but also of each particular act of the Generals under its employ. Very respectfully,

D. Frost, Col. 11th W. Va. Vols.
T. M. Harris, Col. 10th W. Va. Vols.
J. M. Campbell, Col. 54th Regt. Pa. Vols.
Geo. D. Wells, Col. 34th Mass. Inf.
John H. Oley, Col. 7th W. Va. Vol. Cav.
Robert Bruce, Col. 2d. Md, P. H. B. Vols.
W. B. Curtis, Col. 12th Regt. W. Va. V. I.
W. C. Starr, Lt. Col. 9th Va. Vol. Infty.
Isaiah B. McDonald, Capt. T. C. S. U. S. Army.
Geo. M. Harrison, Capt. A. Q. M., U. S. Vols.
Alex C. Moore, Capt. Battery E., 1st W. Va.
S. B. Warren, Capt. 23d. O. V. I.
Louis A. Myers, Capt. 3d W. Va. Cav.
Geo. T. Cashle, Capt. L. C. S.
J. B. Jester, Capt. Col. K 12th W. Va. I.
C. Mercer, Capt. Co. E. 12th W. Va. Vol. Infty.
Jas. H. Moffat, Capt. Co. G., 12th W. Va. Vol. Infty.
J. R. Durham, Lt. Co. E.
T. A. Fleming, Lt. Col. F., 12th W. Va. Vol. Infty
T. H. Pierpont.
H. A. Myers, Captain Ringgold's Cavly. P. V.
Geo. A. Flagg, Capt. A. Q. M.
Levi Quier, Lt. A. A. Q. M.
S. Brownell, Capt. I.C. S. 2d Div. Dept. W. Va.
Milton Wells, Major 15th W. Va. Vol. Infty.
T. M. Lawry, :t. Battery E. 1st W. Va. Vol. Artillery
J. P. Hart, Lt. Ringgold's Cav. P. V.
John V. Keepers, Capt. Battery B, 1st Va. Light Artillery.
Royal W. Church, Major 9th Md. Regt.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: February 1864

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