Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
October 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
October 22, 1864

Matters and Things in the 2d and 3d Congressional Districts.

In the columns of the West Virginia Republican, published at Buckhannon, Upshur county, we see that Messrs. Alva Teter and David S. Pinnel, are announced as candidates for the House of Delegates. James M. Corley, of the 10th West Virginia regiment, is announced for the State Senate. Wm. D. Rollyson is also announced for re-election. R. Frethwell, the present incumbent, and Capt. Edwin Frey, are candidates for the office of County Recorder, as are E. Burr and Watson Westfall for the office of Assessor.

The Republican has a complimentary word for Col. Latham, the Union nominee for Congress in that district, speaking thus of him:

"We trust that the voters of this Congressional district will not forget to vote for this hero when the day of election arrives. The important service which he had rendered to his country, and especially to West Virginia, should secure for him the vote of every man. We do not claim that he should secure their undivided support, simply because of his important military services, but for the reason also, that he is eminently qualified for the position in a political way, possessing the soundest and most comprehensive views on the various governmental affairs of the nation at large. In addition to all this he is wholly and sincerely a West Virginia man; a firm and devoted advocate of the new State and all that relates to her interest.

Lieut. N. N. Hoffman, of Co. A, 1st W.Va. cavalry, is a candidate for the State Senate from the county of Monongalia, as our readers have before noticed, and it seems that some one has been representing him as a McClellan man. The Morgantown Post gave denial to this some days ago, and the Republican confirms its denial thus:

We have conversed with the Lieutenant, and do not believe that is a more uncompromising enemy of the Chicago swindle than Lieut. N. N. Hoffman. He is truly an undoubtedly loyal a man - loyal to the Federal Government, and will if spared, vote on the 8th day of November next, for Lincoln and Johnson. The Post is right in giving the lie to the report.

The Kanawha Republican comes to us with the following piece marked in relation to the Hon. George W. Summers, and his relation to the McClellan electoral ticket in West Virginia:

We saw, a few days since, in the Wheeling Register, the announcement of a McClellan Electoral Ticket, for the State of West Virginia, at the head of which was placed the name of Hon. Geo. W. Summers, of this county. From what source this ticket emanated we are not informed. We have heard of no convention or gathering of any kind at Wheeling or elsewhere, to frame a ticket for the nominees of the Chicago Convention, to be voted for in this State. Indeed we had supposed, inasmuch as that august assembly had utterly ignored the existence of the State of West Va., that no attempt would be made to get up a ticket here. However, this may be, we were all quite surprised to see the name of the former leader of the old Whig party in this region, standing at the head of the Democratic ticket, and could only account for the phenomenon upon the supposition that it was a trick of the democracy, in their effort at resurrection, to help themselves as they have done in times past, by claiming the sanction of names which they have no right to. The truth is, as we are informed Judge Summers, some ten or twelve days since, was applied to by letter from Wheeling, for permission to place his name on the McClellan ticket, to which he promptly replied, positively refusing the use of his name for that purpose. We presume the Judge's letter had not reached Wheeling when the publications of the ticket in the Register was made...

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: October 1864

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