Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
November 24, 1864

From Jackson County.

Pleasant View, Jackson Co., W. Va.,
November 18th, 1864.

Eds. Intelligencer:

I have been asked often in Wheeling, "if our little country of Jackson was not a rebel county to a considerable extent." To which I invariably answered that it is a Union county, having cast 324 votes of a majority against the ordinance of secession. At the same time I confess there are many rebels and guerrillas in our midst which have been a great source of mortification and regret to Union men.

But may we not be justly surprised in looking over the returns of our late election for President, when we see that Jackson county, with all its burthens of guerillas, traitors and rebels, gave a majority for the Union candidates of 417 votes, while the polished and refined county of Ohio, embracing the noble and healthy city of Wheeling, could only give a majority of 140 votes!!!

We had supposed that Ohio county would be the banner county in this, as she may, and perhaps does claim to be in the most other respects. But alas! alas! where is she? Will she not prove to be the banner county of sympathizing rebels?

What have the Union men been doing in that intelligent and desirable city to let ward after ward go for the friends of the rebellion!!

I would ask of you if we may not set down Kanawha as the banner county for the Union of our new and loyal State, although it was run over (as well as Jackson,) with rebel army under Gen. Wise, and again under Gen. Loring, while we shall be forced to acknowledge Ohio the banner county of sympathizing rebels and disloyal men.

We believe there is a goodly number of very worthy men in your city. Men of as profound learning and moral worth as can be found anywhere. But what takes us to fearfully back, is that you are so equally divided in Wheeling! that Mr. Lincoln could only get 140 votes over Gen. McClellan! That such a large number of citizens of that enlightened and religious city should have their heads and hearts turned the wrong way!! while several districts with less intelligence and partial information, but honest in heart and purpose, gave large majorities for the Union. But so it is.

Yours, &c.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: November 1864

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