Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
December 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
December 14, 1864

More Refugees. - Refugees from the Valley of Virginia continue to arrive in the city almost daily. All of these persecuted people have sorry tales to tell of their hardships on the route and their sufferings at home. We conversed yesterday with a very intelligent gentleman who left Rockbridge county about two weeks ago and reached Beverly with a party of thirteen others a few days since. Our friend had been detailed as a miller by the rebel authorities, but, as our readers are aware all orders for details were lately revoked, and the men had either to go into the rebel army or leave. The refugees travel always over the mountains and through the woods and are in constant danger of being shot by bush whackers and conscript hunters sent out for the purpose. Out of a party of eight refugees who reached Greenbrier bridge about two weeks ago, two were killed and one or more wounded by bushwhackers. The party with whom our informant came were unlucky in the selection of a guide. The man who undertook to act as guide came very near swamping the whole party. He got lost the very first night out. Luckily, however, one of the party happened to have a small pocket compass and they were thus enabled to find their way out of the wilderness.

Nearly all of the detailed men who are coming in now are mechanics and are very intelligent and well informed. Since the snow has fallen in the Allegheny mountains it is feared that many refugees will perish from cold and hunger, for they will brave any danger rather than go into the rebel army.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: December 1864

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