Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
February 1865

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
February 7, 1865


Editors Intelligencer:

The quotas of Ohio county and the several Sub Districts thereof have been announced. They are ascertained to be substantially correct, as published. The authorities at Washington City desire an additional 300,000 men as a reinforcement to the armies of the Union. Of this number Ohio county is required to furnish 365 men:251 of these are to be raised by the city, and 114 by the balance of the county. There are two ways by which this number can be obtained:1st. Recruiting. 2nd. Draft. These are the only methods occurring to us that are available It is for the people to say which of these they prefer. They have the power to fill this call with recruits as they have filled other calls heretofore; or permitting this to go by default, the turning of the wheel will fill it with drafted men or their substitutes.

Recruits as they have filled other calls heretofore' or permitting this to go by default, the turning of the wheel will fill it with drafted men or their substitutes. Recruits can be had and their credit secured to the benefit of this county, or of any Sub-District, on the same condition that they are secured for other localities:that condition is money. So long as other counties are giving $300 and $400 bounty recruits will not credit themselves to Ohio county, which gibes a bounty of but $100.

It is believed to be the desire of a great majority of the people to put this thing the high position Ohio county has already attained for liberality and patriotism. Can this be done? We believe it can. Let active, faithful and reliable men canvass every ward in the city, and every district in the county.

Lists of persons enrolled in the different sub-Districts can be had. Every enrolled man will doubtless give, and many others will be equally liberal. Some should give more, others less, according to their several abilities. The money thus raised would constitute a fund which, with increased appropriations made by the County Supervisors, would enable this county to offer handsome bounties to recruits.

The quota of this county could be more readily filled with recruits at $500 or $600 bounty, than with substitutes at $1200 or even $1500 each--$2000 already being asked by substitutes in view of the probable demand.

Would it not therefore be more economical, as well as more creditable, to guard against a draft by filling the quota with recruits, rather than to seek personal security at increased personal expense by forming mutual insurance companies.

One half the amount paid in by the members of these companies would on the average be more than sufficient to enable the Supervisors to offer such bounties as would speedily place us beyond the reach of draft. Cannot a meeting be called to determine the course best to pursue for the county, or so for any sub district which chooses to take hold of the matter, over age.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: Undated: February 1865

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