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3d Divis 2d A.C.A.P.
Elk Run Fauquier County Va
August 20th 1863

Miss M. Eda Snider
Woodburn Fem. Seminary
Morgantown West Va

Dear Daughter yours of the 13th inst came duly to hand, the 19th inst and as my practice is to answer my correspondents immediately-without regard to etiquette. It affords me pleasure, this morning, to answer yours-by return mail-you are certainly verry expert at denying. I hope you have told me the truth, and nothing but the truth. But I desire to know how it occurred to your mind that, I thought you was writing to Dora's brother. I did not intimate anything of the kind- and how does it happen, that you suspect Mr. Moore of telling me when I have not seen Mr. Moore for nearly two months-neither has he written it to me. You say, that you investigated the matter, and found out, that I thought you had written, so and so. Now I want to know who told you. Of whom did you enquire to find out, what you think you now know all about. I want you tell me without any equivocation. Perhaps I am the best friend you have in the world and if you, refuse to confide, in me-and take counsel from those that dont regard your interest or your character-when it is too late you may wish you had heeded the counsels of parental affection. You should never do or say anything that you would not be willing for me to hear or know- always ask yourself this question-would I be willing for Father to know this. If you would not be convinced at moments reflection, that it is wrong.

It is with difficulty that I can keep mothers address. I sent a letter to Fort Martin for her yesterday-if she dont get it, somebody else will-I suppose. The Butternutts will get tired wearing butternutt breast pins, after a while. There is some powerful men in that section I may live to meet some of them.

We are all quiet here. I have heard heavy cannonadeing occasionally yesterday and this morning in the direction of the Potomac River. I have no idea what is going on-nothing of importance, I dont suppose. A vast amount of humbuggery in this world-selfishness fill creation. I have but little confidence in mankind. I think it is the safest to look suspiciously upon every body-yet treat them courteously-but few persons, male or female but will take undue advantages, if the can get it. So the best plan is to take care of one's self-and be verry careful, in whom they confide for fear I worry you with the lenght of this letter I will add no more at this time. Just this moment received intelligence, that a fight was goeing on at Bristenburg-about five miles from here. I suppose it will be a small affair. Good Bye Eda.
Affectionately Jo. Snider