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New Creek West Va. Jan. 15th 1864

Dear Daughter Edie,
It affords me a great deal of pleasure to know that I have a daughter who is makeing proper use of every opportunity to become learned, and of course intelligent. It is for my children that I desire to live, and I am thankful beond description, that I am able to give you a good chance, to become educated and I am proud to believe that you will never disappoint my high expectations. An education is obtained at great expense, and requires much study, and time, and how industrious ought Daughters to be, and how verry careful too, for after they may have obtained a good education and are about to begin life in the dignity and character of the time lady, many throw themselves away. One false step forever blasts her name, and fame, ruin ensures, and endless shame. Oh, how careful ought girls to be of their character. All the acquisitions of earth is nothing without reputation. I have written these few lines, because so few ever think what a magnificent, pure and spotless character is worth and yet how easily lost. The world is full of snares, and wickedness-and young people is not aware of the many devices, to lead them astray.

As you see by the heading of this letter, I am at New Creek, it is a dreary looking place, surrounded on all sides by barren mountains. Our shanties are not good, and consequently we are prepared to tell about how cold it has been. Two companies of my Regiment laid out doors last Friday night, 8 inst-they was guarding supply trains to Petersburg, and could do no better. Petersburg is forty two miles from here on this route the rebs captured a train some days ago which you seen account of in the papers. I am getting along verry well with my regiment, better than I anticipated. I am trying to get horses, and arms for my men. Cant tell whether I will succeed or not. I suppose you remember the ride we took. The horse you rode is the finest horse I have seen, I guess I could get three hundred dollars for him. I only ask five hundred for him-. He dont mind the fireing of guns. I took him out this morning, where men was shooting and he was calm and quiet. I suppose you and mother has had a gay time since I left, especially about the hollidays, well that is right, enjoy yourselves as well as you can and when you have a good dinner eat some for me. I have a verry good appetite, have had the worst attack of rheumatism I ever had, am much better now. The weather to day indicates a thaw if it showed, we will be engulfed in mud. How does Son get along with his studies, is he a good boy. Write me just how he behaves and whether his time is well occupied.

Give my respects to Mr. And Mrs. Moore, with my best wishes, and fatherly affection, I am
Jo. Snider
Col. 4th W Va Cav