The Cincinnati Reds Play Baseball In Welch

Welch Daily News
October 9, 1924

Cincinnati Reds Hand The All Stars A Twenty To Eight Defeat In Return Game

Bohne, Pinelli and Jennings hit homers

Sammy Bohne Pleased the Fans With a lot of Comedy Around Second Base and Shortstop

Reds 20, All Stars 8. Yes they got revenge.

Those fighting Reds who wound up the national league in fourth place came back to the local park Wed. afternoon and staged a comeback. They lived up to their reputation as sluggers and pounded the offerings of Weaver and Jennings for twenty hits and as many runs. Two home runs, one triple and a flock of two baggers and singles coupled with some ragged playing by the All Stars produced the twenty runs. Weaver and Jennings pitched fairly good ball and especially Jennings. In the seven inning[s] Jennings worked the Reds only scored in three innings and in one of these they would not have scored had the locals played perfect ball.

No one expected the All Stars to defeat the Reds again and everyone was satisfied with the game yesterday. The Reds gave a fine exhibition of how baseball is played on the main line, both in the field and at the bat. Rube Benton was on the mound for the Reds, and pitched a nice game, he was touched up for eleven hits, but nine of these were in the last three innings when he eased up a bit. The veteran southpaw had plenty of stuff on the ball, showed the local fans why he is still in the big show.

The Reds went right out and scored four runs in the first inning, they came right back with four more in the second and with four in the fourth, five in the seventh and three in the ninth. Behen and Pinelli hit for the circuit, while Bressler slammed out a triple. The All Stars scored in the fourth when Jennings hit one of Rube's offerings into the river and made the circuit. Hits by Weaver, Eddy, Williams and a base on balls gave the locals one in the sixth. In the eight five runs were shoved over the plate on hits by Williams, Jennings, Camper, Prince and a couple of errors. The Locals scored their last run in the ninth on hits by Williams, Jennings and a low throw by Critz. A fast double play Critz to Bohne to Bressler ended the game.

Sammy Bohne made a hit with the crowd by his comedy work both in the field and at the bat, he kept up a lively line of chatter with the fans all the time. It was worth the price of admission just to see him perform and every one was well pleased with the final game of the 1924 baseball season in Welch.

Score by innings:

Reds........440 400 503 - 20 20 4
All Stars..000 101 051 - 8 11 5

Batteries: Reds, Benton and Hagrave. All Stars, Weaver, Jennings and Walton. Umpires, Donohue and King.